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Education Sessions Wow Attendees

- Security professionals at the 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits attended education sessions on a variety of cutting-edge topics from critical infrastructure protection to workplace violence.

Certification Profile

- This month's certification profile is Keith Blowe, CPP.

Learning from Industry Leaders

- The ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits will present more than 175 education sessions; here's an advance look at a few of them.

Risk Assessment

- Need to conduct risk assessments? Link to these resources, which include an effort by the Security Analysis and Risk Management Association to formulate a common professional lexicon based on a wiki-software approach and ASIS International’s risk guideline, laying out a seven-step method for identifying threats and neutralizing them.

Industry News

- Speakers at the ASIS 26th Annual Government/Industry Conference on Global Terrorism take an all-hazards approach, and John Frost, CPP, PCI, PSP, is profiled.

Certification Profile


Certification Profile

- This month's certification profile is David Horsburgh, CPP, PCI, PSP.

Certification Profile

- This month's certification profile is Frederick A. Coe, Jr., CPP, security director for the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

Industry News

- ASIS establishes two awards to honor the late Roy N. Bordes, and Frederick A. Coe, Jr., CPP, is profiled.

Industry Focus

- ASIS guidelines update; Don W. Walker, CPP, testifies on background checks on officers; and a profile of Michael F. Mullarkey, CPP, PSP.

Industry Focus

- ASIS forms a political action committee; Darryl H. Beard, James Cawood, and Daniel Mania hit the trifecta of ASIS certifications.

Industry Focus

- ASIS offers HIPAA training; call for presentations; and a profile of Patricia Lloyd, CPP.

ANSI, ASTM Join Standards Effort.

-  Entities as diverse as the American Chemistry Council, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the International Standards Organization, and the Biometric Consortium have proposed or issued security standards, best practices, or guidelines. Most recently, for example, ASTM International announced that it would develop standards for high-rise evacuation equipment to be used when primary routes to a safe zone are cut off. Links to the standards/guidelines efforts of ASIS,

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