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Industry News

- ASIS International releases its first American National Standard, which addresses how companies can develop a chief security officer (CSO) position, and Lisa Dolan, CPP, is profiled.

Industry News

- ASIS releases a report on crime trends and prepares a standard on business continuity. Dennis Shepp, CPP, PCI, is profiled.

The Good Steward

- Get to know the 2009 ASIS International President, Michael R. Cummings, CPP, and see what issues and challenges top the Society’s agenda for this year.

Industry News

- ASIS participates in drafting new national security standards, three new board members are elected, and Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP, is profiled.

Security Lessons Learned

- Highlights from the keynote speakers and educational sessions of the ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Certification Profile

- This month's certification profile is Owen Monaghan, CPP.

Industry News

- Ronald Lander, CPP, receives the Roy N. Bordes Council Member Award of Excellence for his service to ASIS.

Brokaw Talks About America's Search for a Balance between Freedom and Security

- "We’re still struggling to find the balance between freedom and the new security considerations," said NBC's Tom Brokaw during his keynote address at the ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Washington Insiders Carville and Matalin Dissect the Presidential Campaign

- The husband-and-wife team shelled out their competing opinions and analyses on the 2008 race for the White House.

Education Sessions Wow Attendees

- Security professionals at the 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits attended education sessions on a variety of cutting-edge topics from critical infrastructure protection to workplace violence.

Certification Profile

- This month's certification profile is Keith Blowe, CPP.

Learning from Industry Leaders

- The ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits will present more than 175 education sessions; here's an advance look at a few of them.

Risk Assessment

- Need to conduct risk assessments? Link to these resources, which include an effort by the Security Analysis and Risk Management Association to formulate a common professional lexicon based on a wiki-software approach and ASIS International’s risk guideline, laying out a seven-step method for identifying threats and neutralizing them.

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