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CHART: Types of Data Breaches

- Criminals target strikingly different types of data in large and small organizations.

Forrester Report Touts Next Generation Firewalls, Greater Network Visibility

- Increasingly popular next generation firewalls can be highly effective at thwarting network attacks and may eventually become more popular than standalone firewall devices, according to a new Forrester report.

Morning Security Brief: Russia Foils Terrorist Attack, Cruise Line Biothreat Scare, Cybersecurity Goes Offensive, and More

- Russia says it has foiled an attack planned on the city slated to host the 2014 Winter Games. A neurosurgeon is removed from a cruise ship after someone tweets that he’s planning a biological attack. Cybersecurity firms moving into offensive roles. And more.

Morning Security Brief: License Plate Scanners, Smartphone Risk Picture, Firearm Requests Up, and More

- Police in Tennessee look to expand the use of license plate readers. The NSA releases a fact sheet on smartphone security. Requests to buy firearms are on the rise for the 22nd month. And more.

Social Media Restrictions on the Rise, Facebook Use at Work on the Decline

- Facebook usage in the workplace is on the decline as companies implement social media policies, according to a new report released by firm that provides Web content filtering for companies.

House Passes Controversial Cyber Threat Info Sharing Bill

- The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday aimed at helping the government and private sector share information about cyber threats.

Organizations Should Emphasize Basic Security Measures, According to Verizon Report

- Many organizations can better protect themselves from hackers by implementing more straightforward, basic security measures, according to a recently released annual report from Verizon.

Computer Security Handbook, Volumes 1 & 2, 5th Edition

- The Computer Security Handbook’s 77 comprehensive chapters, in two volumes, cover all 10 domains of the Common Body of Knowledge as defined by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2.


- Law enforcement does not need a warrant to obtain the IP addresses for Twitter users, according to a recent decision. In investigating contributors to Wikileaks, the federal government asked Twitter to turn over the suspects’ account information. A U.S. district court ruled that the government does not need a warrant and that Twitter users have no expectations of privacy.

Morning Security Brief: Stratfor E-mails Leaked, Mobile Emergency Alerts, Anti-Drug Grants Used to Surveil Muslims, and More

- Wikileaks begins publishing "five million" Stratfor e-mails. The commercial mobile alert system is set to go live in April. NYPD used money to fight drug trafficking to purchase equipment used to surveil Muslims. And more.

Behind the Numbers

- The ramifications of cyberattacks.  

Expert: U.S. Must “Modernize” Cyber Defense Strategy

- Market-based incentives, rather than traditional regulations, may be more effective in countering cyber threats, according to one expert.

Can ISPs Help Beat Botnets?

- To fight hackers, companies are informing customers of threats, creating public-private partnerships, and devising security standards.

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