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Seven Deadliest Microsoft Attacks

- Attention Microsoft users: Syngress lays out the seven deadliest attacks against the popular operating system.

Study Highlights Growing Mobile Risks

- As workers increasingly use mobile devices in the workplace, organizations are facing increasing data loss and other risks, according to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University and McAfee.

Airlines Reduce Online Ticketing Fraud

- Airlines are making progress in reducing losses from online ticketing fraud, according to a report from Cybersource, a payment processing and security subsidiary of Visa.

Senator Introduces Update to Key Electronic Privacy Law

- Senator Patrick Leahy introduced legislation Tuesday that seeks to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Facebook Adds New Security Measures

- Facebook announced several security enhancements last week including a new two-factor authentication system and a partnership with a service that can help users avoid clicking on risky or malicious links.

Americans Report Sharp Rise in Internet Security Concerns

- Americans’ concern over Internet security has increased significantly in recent months, according to a biannual survey conducted by Unisys.

New NSA Report Details Home Computer Security Best Practices

- Home computer networks can be particularly vulnerable to attack, according to a new National Security Agency (NSA) report, since security practices can be less rigorous.

Security Is a Low Priority for Cloud Service Vendors, Study Finds

- Security is a relatively low priority for many cloud service providers, according to a new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute.


- 28 The percent drop in the number of fraud victims last year, compared to 2009, according to a Javelin Strategy and Research report. Victims fell to about eight  million, down three million from the year before. But out-of-pocket costs for those victimized rose significantly last year, according to Javelin, as criminals are shifting to more damaging, harder-to-detect attacks.

Survey Responders Say They Don't Have an Accurate Picture of IT Risk

- A new survey says there is still widespread misunderstanding of the impact user access reviews have on enterprise IT risk.

White House Releases Plan to Protect Identities and Grow Businesses Online

- The Obama administration today unveiled its strategy to safeguard transactions in cyberspace by helping to create voluntary "secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity solutions."

What Makes the Smart Grid Special, Makes it Vulnerable

- Despite its enormous benefits, many smart-grid critics see looming danger.

Laptop Tracking

- The inexpensive software program known as Prey can help locate missing or stolen laptops and other portable devices.  

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