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CUL8R, Dude

- Resources on threats to instant messaging, a portable security device is tested, Amit Yoran discourages convergence, and more.

iPods Sing for Investigators

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A Site to See

- The verb "hack" did not start out as a pejorative. In its original sense, it simply meant pushing a piece of hardware or software beyond its intended capabilities, to make it do something it was not designed to do.A personal blog by Ed Felten, a Princeton University computer science professor, called Freedom to Tinker, explores this controversial intersection in regular missives ranging from the use of P2P to what he terms "the weird Orwellian language" of digital-rights-management vendors. Felten's blog is this month's A Site to See.

CUL8R, Dude

- If you had no problem understanding that headline (it decodes as "see you later, dude"), you're one of those initiated into the world of instant messaging (IM). And you're a potential source of threats to the corporate network if you use IM at work. But IT personnel now have some new resources to help mitigate threats to the network created by IM or peer-to-peer (P2P) communications. One is a Web site of current threat and vulnerability information sponsored by FaceTime Communications, a provider of tools that secure IM and P2P networks. The information on the Web site comes from the FaceTime Instant Response Security Team (FIRST), which is a group of security pros dedicated to collecting information on new threats and vulnerabilities and then finding ways to mitigate these. Another resource is the IMLogic Threat Center, created by IMLogic, which makes software products that help enterprises manage corporate IM usage. Like FIRST, the Threat Center offers a knowledge base of IM and P2P viruses and worms, and has partnerships with IM vendors and antivirus companies. Much of this knowledge base comes from a honeypot infrastructure designed to catch IM and P2P threats.

Bush Pushes to Redirect Funds into Cybersecurity

- President Bush is asking Congress to redirect $152 million to shore up cybersecurity vulnerabilities at government agencies.

From Bluetooth to RedFang

- The boom in Bluetooth wireless devices is a boon for mobility, but attackers are already eyeing vulnerabilities.

German Companies the Target of Foreign Espionage

- China, aiming to become more technologically competitive, is aggressively spying on German companies.

Getting a Handle on Incidents

- Learn why you need an incident-handling program and how to set one up.

Online Scams

- One out of the five Web surfer’s have recently been scammed online, according to a recent survey. Find out what tactics scammers use.


- Telecommuters who regularly communicate proprietary data via mobile devices aren’t a security threat, say most government security officers. Many seem confident that, with adequate resources, they can keep mobile devices secure.

Vulnerability Test

- How secure is your Web browser? Check for dozens of vulnerabilities with Scanit’s online security test.

Survey: Downloading Music Top Threat, Say IT Managers

- Despite the risk of employees downloading music, most companies don't block that activity.

Spam Kings: The Real Story Behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and %*@ )# Enlargements

- Spam is no longer a nuisance. It has developed into a huge problem for organizations that have to deal with the millions of e-mails that flood their mailboxes, often delivering scams or viruses.

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