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- Keeping up with the newest electronic gadgets is one of the best parts of a technophile’s day. Happily, there are plenty of Web sites and blogs dedicated to breaking the news of whatever’s newest and hottest on the market.

Worth a Look: A Firewall for Road Warriors

- Working from home, you can set up your computer so that it is protected by a layer of defenses. For example, I have a firewall on my wireless router as well as a firewall running on the computer itself. But when the average user travels, there are typically fewer layers available to protect the portable computer from the inherent hazards of the Internet.

Defending Networks Against Targeted Trojans

- Protecting networks against worms and viruses is a trying task. Protecting against a threat targeted specifically at your network is even tougher. That’s a lesson that several Israeli companies learned earlier this year when they discovered that customized Trojan horse programs had been installed on their system, allowing industrial spies access to their networks.

Kill the Zombies

- FTC announces Operation Spam Zombies to reduce spam.

The Dr. Who Conundrum

- Find out why placing too much faith in technology leads to failure.

Defining Moment


Market Forces vs.Legislation: What’sYour View?

- In the wake of multiple high-profile thefts of consumer information, the protection of personal data held in business databases has become a hot topic. Some legislators have introduced bills that would hold companies liable for inadequately guarding sensitive data as one way to encourage greater security.

Measuring Risk

- This survey found most businesses had no effective way to measure or report on network security risk.


- 13 The amount, in billions of dollars, of direct damage caused by malware attacks worldwide in 2007, according to market research firm Computer Economics.

Behind the Numbers: The Out-Bound Threat


Slamming Spam: A Guide for System Administrators


New in Plaintext

- The text, CEH Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide, is reviewed.

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- The software has a simple interface and uses highly regarded Twofish encryption. Keep your passwords organized and secure at this month’s A Site to See.

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