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The Dr. Who Conundrum

- Find out why placing too much faith in technology leads to failure.

Defining Moment


Market Forces vs.Legislation: What’sYour View?

- In the wake of multiple high-profile thefts of consumer information, the protection of personal data held in business databases has become a hot topic. Some legislators have introduced bills that would hold companies liable for inadequately guarding sensitive data as one way to encourage greater security.

Measuring Risk

- This survey found most businesses had no effective way to measure or report on network security risk.


- 13 The amount, in billions of dollars, of direct damage caused by malware attacks worldwide in 2007, according to market research firm Computer Economics.

Behind the Numbers: The Out-Bound Threat


Slamming Spam: A Guide for System Administrators


New in Plaintext

- The text, CEH Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide, is reviewed.

Site to See

- The software has a simple interface and uses highly regarded Twofish encryption. Keep your passwords organized and secure at this month’s A Site to See.

IT Pros Wary of Google Desktop

- Are the reported flaws truly serious, or is the hype mainly about knocking the wildly successful Google down a peg?

Voice Biometrics Get Heard

- A push for two-factor authentication is making voice recognition a more attractive security option for financial firms.

A Site to See

- The wireless protocol named Bluetooth is enjoying growing popularity in part due to regulations around the world that require drivers to use hands-free headsets when they’re on the phone. Automobile manufacturers have begun building these units into new models, and do-it-yourself kits abound; but unfortunately, they’re not always configured securely.

Quick Bytes: New from NIST

- The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a half-dozen draft reports on issues such as patch and vulnerability management, preventing and handling malware incidents, and applying forensic techniques to computer and network data analysis.

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