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- The wireless protocol named Bluetooth is enjoying growing popularity in part due to regulations around the world that require drivers to use hands-free headsets when they’re on the phone. Automobile manufacturers have begun building these units into new models, and do-it-yourself kits abound; but unfortunately, they’re not always configured securely. The result? The Car Whisperer, an auditing tool from security researchers at the Trifinite Group, which includes several noted Bluetooth researchers. The Car Whisperer tool makes it possible to “inject audio data” into a poorly configured Bluetooth device and also to eavesdrop on conversations held inside the car. @ The group’s blog contains this and many other tools designed to compromise poorly protected Bluetooth systems. The Trifinite associates are passionate about spreading the word on Bluetooth security, making it A Site to See.

VoIP Risk

- The FDIC has issued a report that examines security risks associated with voice over IP (VoIP).

Technology Analysis

- NIST has published several reports on computer and network analysis, mobile devices and IT products.

Congress Looks Into Electrical Grid Security

- Lawmakers fear the nation's electric infrastructure is vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack.


- A bill (H.R. 964) introduced by Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-NY) that would make the use of spyware illegal in certain circumstances has been approved by the House of Representatives and has been referred to the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.

Cybercrime Could Imperil Electoral Process

- Researchers says internet scams are a threat to future elections.

Malware Rising

- A new report forecasts that there will be strong growth in the anti-malware business over the next several years. A main driver is the increasing organization and skill of cybercriminals.

Password Encryption

- Check out a free new Windows utility that lets users securely encrypt all their passwords on their computer.

Malicious E-Mail

- There’s been a sharp decrease in the amount of malicious e-mails sent in the first half of 2007, says a top security vendor. Likely reasons include better network defenses and a growing caution among employees about opening suspicious attachments.

Don’t be Spooked by Spyware

- Find out what spyware is and how to avoid it.

Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation


Quick Bytes: Zero-day approaches

- The time between the disclosure of a computer vulnerability that can allow infection by a worm or virus and the release of an exploit that can attack that vulnerability has dropped from 6.4 days to 6.0 days.

Quick Bytes: Password frustration

- How many passwords do you need to remember? A survey by RSA Security Inc. of 1,700 enterprise technology end users found that 71 percent had as many as 12, and almost one-quarter had more than 15.

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