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Data Security

- A bill (H.R. 4257) that would require the federal government to improve its data security procedures has been approved by the House of Representatives. It is now pending in the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

Information Sharing

- A bill (H.R. 3523) that would encourage information sharing on cybersecurity between the government and the private sector has been approved by the House of Representatives and is now pending in the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Data Theft

- The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that an employee did not violate the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) when he downloaded confidential information from his employer with the intent to start his own business. The CFAA, the court noted, was designed to prevent hacking and does not apply in this case because the employee had access to the information for work purposes. The decision conflicts with CFAA rulings from the Fifth, Seventh, and Eleventh circuits.

Encryption Critical in Healthcare

- Encryption technology, as well as security protocols and safeguards, are crucial to protecting patient data and complying with regulatory standards.

FTC Files Suit Against Wyndham for Breaches

- The Federal Trade Commission filed suit Tuesday against the hospitality company Wyndham Worldwide and three of its subsidiaries, accusing them of data security failures that led to three breaches in less than two years.

Morning Security Brief: Colorado Wildfires, Goodbye Stuxnet, Attackers Target Blueprints

- Colorado wildfires set a record for homes destroyed. Stuxnet goes offline. A new industrial espionage worm rears its head. And more.

Man Charged with Hacking DOE Network

- A Pennsylvania man was arrested last week on charges of hacking into computer systems belonging to organizations including the Department of Energy (DOE).

Dutch Man Accused of Marketing Stolen Credit Card Data

- A Dutch citizen appeared in court in Seattle last week as part of a 14-count indictment on charges that included marketing and selling stolen credit card numbers.

EU Data Security Rules

- As the European Union works toward revising the 1995 rules, companies may want to get a head start on implementing some provisions.

LinkedIn Had Strengthened Protection of Leaked Passwords

- By the time it became news that 6.5 million passwords from the Website LinkedIn had been posted on a hacker Web site last week, the Internet Company had “salted” all its passwords, making them significantly more difficult to crack, according to LinkedIn.

Complacency Over Cyberthreat Decried

- It’s time to take cyberthreats seriously.

Hacker Working to Warn Airlines About Network Security Vulnerabilities

- A UK-based hacker is working to warn major airlines of a vulnerability that allows access to sensitive information, but the companies he claims to have hacked say they have no evidence of a breach.

Book Review: Creeping Failure: How We Broke the Internet and What We Can Do to Fix It

- Jeffrey Hunker provides a detailed, poignant description of the dangers lurking on the World Wide Web, why the problems have developed, and what can be done to correct some serious issues.

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