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Morning Security Brief: Sony PlayStation Network Hacked, U.S. Planes Sent to Surveil Syria, Railroad Safety, and More

- A cyberattack briefly shut down the Sony Corporation's PlayStation network on Sunday. The United States has sent surveillance planes to fly over Syria, pointing to possible airstrikes. The Federal Railroad Administration has funded two grants that total more than $350,000 for the development of a Short Line Safety Institute. And more.

European Security in NATO's Shadow: Party Ideologies and Institution Building

- Author Stephanie Hofmann offers a fresh look at European party ideologies that make a difference depending on one’s perspective on global issues.

News and Trends

- A look at global piracy and how risk is shifting, plus the worldwide dearth of business leaders with vision and high-level strategic thinking.

Security by Design in Abu Dhabi

- The Abu Dhabi Safety and Security Planning Manual (SSPM) establishes a system for approaching crime prevention and counterterrorism in the earliest stages of a project’s life: during planning and design.

Scoring One For Security

- Officials are fine tuning security at Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã Stadium in advance of June's FIFA World Cup.

Upcoming Referendum Crucial in Ukraine Conflict, Expert Says

- A leading Ukrainian expert briefed ASIS members on the unfolding crisis in the Crimea during a CSO Roundtable teleconference on Thursday.

Dynamically Securing Cultural Heritage

- When an asset is priceless and on display to the public, how can you balance protection and accessibility? Experts from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam weigh in on the question.

Morning Security Brief: NSA Collecting Data To Aid In Drone Strikes, PR Newswire and Adobe Hacks Connected, And More

- Documents released by Edward Snowden detail the NSA's involvement in overseas drone strikes. Experts suspect that the same group of hackers are behind the cyberattacks on PR Newswire and Adobe. Facebook beefing up security. Gangs becoming cybersavvy to aid in drug trafficking.

Businesses' Role in National Security

- Governments around the world stress the importance of private-sector engagement in national security. However, a recent survey shows that private companies conceptualize their own responsibility differently depending on where they are located.

Morning Security Brief: Progress Report on Chemical Weapons in Syria, Supply Chain Risks, and Nigerian College Attacked

- The Syrian government will begin a week of meetings with inspectors to start the process intended to lead to the destruction of its chemical weapons. A government report finds that the Department of Homeland Security should conduct more thorough assessments of foreign ports to assess supply chain risk. Extremists opened fire on students at a college in Nigeria yesterday.

Morning Security Brief: Heightened Security Amid Ramadan Violence, INTERPOL Issues Global Security Threat, And More

- Middle Eastern authorities are bracing for increased violence during the end of Ramadan festivities; INTERPOL raises terrorism concerns after a wave of prison breakouts; and more.

High Stakes on the High Seas

- Experts contend that governments currently patrolling off the coast of Somalia will withdraw, leaving merchants to fend for themselves.

Morning Security Brief: Gitmo Hearings, Brazilian Nightclub Fire, and More

- Guantánamo lawyers say the government forces them to turn over privileged communications. Mexico plans to stop narco perp walks. And more.

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