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European Countries May Require Biometrics on Visitors

- The European Union is considering proposals that would require all non-European visitors to submit biometric data before crossing European borders.

Weathering Severe Climate and Conflict

- New research on the interaction between climate change and conflict suggests that cooperation and accommodation are more probable outcomes than global mayhem.

CBP Examining More Cargo, Says GAO

- The CBP has increased the security of the overseas supply chain by screening more and more cargo containers destined for the United States, says the government watchdog.

More Resources for "Of Climate and Conflict"

- Text of the Director of National Intelligence's national intelligence estimate on the geopolitical effects of global climate change and its impacts on national security.  San Francisco-based consultancy, GBN, wrote an influential climate change report describing dire consequences for national security for the U.S. Department of Defense in 2003.   The U.K. government published a detailed forecast, known as the Stern Review, of the possible impacts of climate change on the global economy. It says the cost of taking action to avert climate change now is far lower than the cost of coping with damage later.

Of Climate and Conflict

- Social scientists postulate that climate change could cause widespread global conflict over scarce resources. Two maverick researchers disagree. 

U.S. to Build International Database for World's "Worst of the Worst"

- The FBI is leading an effort to get international partners to create an international criminal and terrorist database for exchanging biometric information between countries.

UK: Man Jailed for Terrorist Planning

- Sohail Qureshi is the first person jailed for the crime of acts preparatory to terrorism under the Terrorism Act of 2006.

U.S. Destroyer Almost Fires on Iranian Vessel

- The U.S. Navy almost fired on one of five Iranian vessels this weekend in the Strait of Hormuz after the Iranian vessels made hostile maneuvers toward three American ships.

Dual-Use Technology Sales to Chinese Companies Criticized

- A nonprofit nonproliferation group worries that dual-use technology sales to select China companies by U.S. manufacturers will lead to weapons proliferation.

Canada Unveils National Security Policy

- Canada is known as one of the world's most peaceful countries, but it is not immune to the peregrinations of terrorists. With this realization in mind, the Canadian government recently created its first ever national security policy, a 50-plus-page document that addresses intelligence, emergency planning, public health, transport security, border security, and international security.

Did You Know That?

- Could the transfer of U.S. and other Western manufacturing jobs overseas be a national security issue? The Conference Board raises that possibility in a recent paper. "Can Manufacturing Survive in Advanced Countries?" suggests the possibility that manufacturing "is a key incubator of new technologies through linked R&D expenditures" and may need to be "protected and nurtured."

Tracking the Cybercrime Trail

- In addition to knowing how to follow the bits of evidence, forensic detectives must know how to work with law enforcement.

Terrorism and Cyberattacks Threaten British Firms

- A new report warns British businesses to prepare for homegrown terrorism threats and Chinese cyberattacks.

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