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Morning Security Brief: Ohio Gun Laws, Cyberstalking Survey Results, Honduras Dubbed the Murder Capital of the World, and More

- Patrons, bar owners at odds over new Ohio gun laws. One in five Americans has been stalked online, according to a new survey. Honduras has the world's highest murder rate. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Olympics Security Plans Found On Train, Google's Cybersecurity Campaign, White House Lockdown, and More

- A police officer leaves the security plans for the 2012 Olympics on a commuter train. Google creates a new page to teach Internet users about cybersecurity. White House put on lockdown during Occupy protests. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Iraq Detaining Security Contractors, Securing Tablet Devices, Massive Police Layoff In Miami, and More

- Iraq expresses it sovereignty by changing visa rules and kicking contractors out. The UK issues guidance for securing tablets. Miami says massive layoff won't affect police response times, but will restrict services for property and economic crimes. And more.

U.S., Europe Privacy Practices

- The United States may have to adopt more stringent data privacy rules to stay competitive in a global market.

Trial Details Sophistication of International Counterfeit Document Operation

- Prosecutors say Mexico-based ID counterfeiters ran operations like a small business.

Morning Security Brief: TSA To Get Dosimeters, Unintentional 911 Calls, Best Practices for Pharmacies, and More

- TSA to measure radiation exposure. In parts of Ontario, unintentional calls account for 37 percent of all 911 calls received. The US Pharmacopoeial Convention publishes best practices for pharmacy supply chains. And more.

Morning Security Brief: FedEx Fined For Violating Sanctions, Somali Pirate Report, Queensland Flooding Revisited, and More

- FedEx fined for shipping "security sensitive" items to sanctioned companies. The number of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia has increased,but the number of successful hijackings has fallen, says a new report. An Australian police commissioner stands by his decision to lock residents out of a flooded town after a major disaster. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Both Koreas on Alert After Death of Kim Jong Il, Cyberattackers Making Malware Phone Calls, and More

- South Korea is on high alert and North Korea has closed its borders after state TV reported the death of leader Kim Jong Il. Cyberattackers are calling residents to persuade them to download malware. Holes in D.C. security revealed. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Weather Disasters, Meth Drop Boxes, Deutsche Bank Attack Thwarted, and More

- Weather disasters in 2011 caused $52 billion of damage. Oklahoma to save money by using meth lab drop boxes. German authorities defuse a bomb targeting the Deutsche Bank chief. And more.

Corralling Corruption in the European Union

- Several programs developed for countries within the European Union are designed to hinder corruption by promoting transparency and integrity.

Morning Security Brief: Latin America's Armored Car Boom, House Passes MIlitary Travel Bill, Tech-Savy Taliban, and More

- According to the Brazil Armoring Association, the number of armored vehicles sold has more than doubled since 2004. Military members may pass through airport security faster. And the Taliban embraces "modernity." And more.

Book Review: Managing Security Overseas

- The book is aimed at entry-level security personnel or those with little or no experience in the international arena of unstable or volatile countries.

Bipartisan Group Produces Crash Course on Nuclear Threats,Countermeasures

- The number of nuclear weapons worldwide has declined significantly, but the United States must continue to work to counter worldwide nuclear threats, says the American Security Project.

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