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Morning Security Brief: Al Qaeda 'Chief' Turns Himself In, TSA Scanners Deemed Safe, North Korea Suspends Nuclear Work, and More

- One of the FBI's most wanted turns himself in in Egypt. Inspector General's report on body scanners released. North Korea suspends nuclear activities. And more.

Fighting Corruption

- Companies should have their own anticorruption policies when going into highly corrupt nations to do business.

Confession Details How Boko Haram Uses Stolen Cars to Support Terrorism Operations

- Stolen cars provide a cheap way for Boko Haram operatives to amass VBIEDs and pass through security checkpoints, according to a captured member's confession. He also revealed internal fighting over loot, which analysts say could be a sign of increasing fragmentation.

'Black Box' Data Could Vindicate or Condemn Italian Security in Maritime Shooting

- “Black box” data could provide evidence of the escalation of force that led to an incident in the Indian Ocean that left two fishermen dead.

Morning Security Brief: Canada Releases Counterterrorism Strategy, Text to 911, VOIP Hack Racks Up $30k Bill, and More

- Canada's counterterrorism strategy names radical Islam as number one threat. Ohio county introducing 911 feature that can receive SMS and pictures. A small company discovers that hackers around the world had been using its IP telephone setup. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Britain's Radicalization Report, FTC Warns App Makers, Armed Guards on Ships, and More

- The British Home Affairs Committee publishes a report on the "Roots of Violent Radicalisation." The FTC issues a warning to makers of mobile apps that run background checks. A survey finds that armed guards on ships are often unlicensed. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Bouncer Crackdown, Teen Creates NBC Detection Tool, MANPADS Task Force, and More

- Police arrest unlicensed security workers in South Africa. A science student in Nevada creates a new NBC detection tool. The State Department issues a statement on its efforts to secure Libya's missing weapons. And more.

Return of The Troubles?

- Dissident Republican terror groups want to plunge Northern Ireland back into the violence of yesteryear, but they won’t, say peace and justice activists.

Morning Security Brief: Ohio Gun Laws, Cyberstalking Survey Results, Honduras Dubbed the Murder Capital of the World, and More

- Patrons, bar owners at odds over new Ohio gun laws. One in five Americans has been stalked online, according to a new survey. Honduras has the world's highest murder rate. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Olympics Security Plans Found On Train, Google's Cybersecurity Campaign, White House Lockdown, and More

- A police officer leaves the security plans for the 2012 Olympics on a commuter train. Google creates a new page to teach Internet users about cybersecurity. White House put on lockdown during Occupy protests. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Iraq Detaining Security Contractors, Securing Tablet Devices, Massive Police Layoff In Miami, and More

- Iraq expresses it sovereignty by changing visa rules and kicking contractors out. The UK issues guidance for securing tablets. Miami says massive layoff won't affect police response times, but will restrict services for property and economic crimes. And more.

U.S., Europe Privacy Practices

- The United States may have to adopt more stringent data privacy rules to stay competitive in a global market.

Trial Details Sophistication of International Counterfeit Document Operation

- Prosecutors say Mexico-based ID counterfeiters ran operations like a small business.

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