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A Look at Mexican Drug Cartel Membership Trends

- Experts’ concerns about the increased use of child soldiers by Mexican drug cartels were affirmed Wednesday after a bloody confrontation between members of Los Zetas and Jalisco State Police at a cartel training camp resulted in the arrest of 10 members, five of which were in their teens. There also appear to be more female members.

Morning Security Brief: Cyberattacks, Chinese Protests, Hospital Violence, and More

- Hackers hit the U.S. Senate. The British Navy is reconsidering its role in Libya. Protests erupt sporadically in China. A security guard in Islamabad gives his life to stop a suicide bomber. And other news.

Morning Security Brief: IMF Cyberattack, Stolen Passports, Disguised Insurgents, and More

- The IMF gets hacked. Interpol says aviation's biggest threat is stolen travel documents. NATO works to counter insurgents in their ranks. Documents shed light on Chiquita's ties to Colombian violence. Plus more.

Retail Security South of the Border

- How the head of security at a major Mexican retailer deals with its high-risk environment using an intelligence-based approach.

Sustaining Nuclear Forensics

- Experts warn that a lack of specialists in the field of nuclear forensics may make it difficult in the future to trace the origin of dirty bombs.

Planning for Tumultuous Times

- When employees are caught in a crisis like the Egyptian political upheaval or Japan's earthquake and tsunami, a company has to be able to quickly communicate with them and help them get safely out of the danger zone.

Standards Body Tells Companies to Take Initiative in the Fight Against Global Counterfeiting

- Businesses reliant on the global supply chain have to take on more responsibility in the fight against counterfeit merchandise, rather than relying on law enforcement, the American National Standards Institute says.

Conspicuously Secure Compound Helped Undo Bin Laden, Officials Say

- The size, location, and security posture of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s safehouse led U.S. intelligence to conclude a high-value terrorist was holed up there, senior national security officials revealed last night during a late-night conference call with reporters.

Notorious Markets

- The Office of the United States Trade Representative has released a list of “notorious markets.” The list includes online and physical locations that have been subject to counterfeiting and anti-piracy enforcement  


- The U.S. should augment current work in chemical and biological defense with more efforts to deter adversaries from developing and using such weapons, according to a study from the RAND Corporation (.pdf).

U.K. Counterterrorism

- The U.K.’s Home Office has begun to repeal and reform the country’s excessive counterterrorist police powers instituted since 9-11, which have chipped away at citizen’s core civil liberties. Read the office’s review and recommendations online (.pdf).

Global Terrorism and New Media: The Post-Al Qaeda Generation

- Authors Philip Seib and Dana Janbek provide an excellent overview of how terrorists use the new media to spread their message.

Targeting Human Trafficking

- Government agencies are reaching out to private industry to raise awareness of human trafficking and smuggling operations.

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