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Morning Security Brief: FBI's Anti-Muslim Training, Human Trafficking Of Terrorists, Jail Violence, And More

- The FBI is teaching agents that Islam is synonymous with terrorism. Three men pleaded guilty for plans to smuggle a fictitious terrorist into the United States. West Virginia jails see an 87 percent increase in violence. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Security Spending, U.S. Troops in Libya, Maharashtra Strike, and More

- Economists say money was spent unchecked in the War on Terror. No boots on the ground in Libya changed on Monday to eight boots on the ground. Doctors' security demands are met in India. And more.

Morning Security Brief: 9-11 Anniversary Threat, Domestic Militias on the Rise, GPS Tracking, and More

- No arrests based on the tip received over the weekend of a 9-11 anniversary attack. An Iraqi militia leader is calling for his followers to suspend attacks on U.S. troops. Judges raise concerns over GPS tracking. And more.

Are Intelligence Strategies Too Focused On Safe Havens?

- Failed states may not be the terrorist havens experts once thought. More attention should be given to weak and corrupt nations.

Morning Security Brief: 9-11 Alerts, Rewards Programs, Australian Private Security, and More

- Agencies warn citizens to be vigilant in September. Police offer gift cards to tipsters. Australian police move to regulate private security. And more.

Too Focused on Safe Havens?

- Failed states may not be the terrorist havens experts once thought. More attention should be given to weak and corrupt nations.

IDF Snipers To Use Laser Designator in Riot Control

- The IDF’s new counter-protest strategy aims to reduce the number of rubber bullet-related deaths.

Blame It On El Nino: Researchers Link Conflict To Climate Change

- Researchers at Columbia say they’ve found a link to climate cycles and civil conflict, while skeptics charge there's a political motivation behind the results.

Exploding Terrorist Myths

- Divining human motivation is never easy, and it's doubly difficult when gender bias gets in the way, say those who have studied what motivates female terrorists.

Cybercrime: Strengthening Global Cooperation

- Efforts to combat cybercrime through diplomatic initiatives, treaties, and other means are growing, but it is still not a battle that all countries are equally committed to fighting.

Are Diplomatic Security Forces Ready For a More Offensive Role in the Middle East?

- At a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing Wednesday afternoon, a Government Accountability Office official expressed concerns that the State Department’s diplomatic security operations may not be prepared for new challenges that will come as troops withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

A Look at Mexican Drug Cartel Membership Trends

- Experts’ concerns about the increased use of child soldiers by Mexican drug cartels were affirmed Wednesday after a bloody confrontation between members of Los Zetas and Jalisco State Police at a cartel training camp resulted in the arrest of 10 members, five of which were in their teens. There also appear to be more female members.

Morning Security Brief: Cyberattacks, Chinese Protests, Hospital Violence, and More

- Hackers hit the U.S. Senate. The British Navy is reconsidering its role in Libya. Protests erupt sporadically in China. A security guard in Islamabad gives his life to stop a suicide bomber. And other news.

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