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Can Design Affect Suicide-Bomber Casualty Rates?

- Yes, says a new study from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Security Research

- The European Union has published a considerable amount of information about its Framework Programs, its principal vehicle to fund scientific and technological research and development. A general outline is available here and the program’s homepage can be viewed here.. The EU accepts online submissions, send them here. 

Overseas Threats

- The Department of State has broken down the top threats of 2007. Theft of trade secrets, cyberattacks, insider threats, “home-grown” political radicalism, terrorism, and political conflict were the most serious threats to U.S. security.

Russian Cybercrime

- Russian cybercriminals, says McAfee, are a permanent and serious danger with most phishing, spam, and identity theft schemes led by such groups.

Suicide Bombings

- Find out how a knowledge of crowd movements may help reduce casualties from a suicide bomb attack. For an earlier 2005 study on the same phenomenon, click here. 

In Germany, Worries Over Extremists

- Germany's top spy tells Der Spiegel that 700 Muslim extremists are under surveillance and that North Africa is a hotbed of jihadism.

Worldwide Terrorism by Target

- Quarterly target data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

Risk and Reward in Global Markets

- A recent analysis of crime trends around the world shines a spotlight on Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Terrorism Down but Never Out

- Terrorism attacks are down, but worries remain high.

Terrorism List Creates Jihadist Solidarity?

- A Somali jihadist group says that by branding it a terrorist organization, the United States will strengthened the group's ties with other radical Islamic terrorists.

Canadian Counterterrorism Building Plans Found in Garbage

- No word yet whether the government will have to revise the building's plans for security reasons.

Al Qaeda Harder to Crack than Kremlin

- The Washington Post details Western intelligence agencies' many failed attempts to infiltrate al Qaeda.

U.K.: Britain's New National Security Strategy

- Prime Minister said the new national security strategy reflects the challenges and threats of a post-Cold War world.

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