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Guarded Diplomacy

- The charge of strengthening diplomatic and humanitarian locations is complicated by the need to secure vulnerabilities and ensure that the facilities are welcoming to visitors.

Labour Rises up Against Precharge Detention Extension

- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces his first insurrection from his Labour Party on the issue of extending precharge detention to 42 days.

A Case of Rogue Gatherings (and other CPTED Tales)

- Find out how Canada's Police Service in Calgary has spread the word on CPTED and translated it into action.

Surveillance that Delivers Results

- Deutsche Post makes collaboration with staff a part of its CCTV policy

EU Expansion Poses Security Problems

- Security technologies' prospects rated, EU fears expansion of crime with expansion of borders, advice on reducing false alarms, and more

Privacy Handbook: Guidelines, Exposures, Policy Implementation and International Issues

- The authors present a clear explanation of privacy--what it is, to what it may apply, and why it is important. The listing of resources and laws on specific privacy issues is helpful as well, including advocacy groups and organizations that can explain such laws as the USA Patriot Act.

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Understanding the New Security Environment, Readings, and Interpretations

- No matter what view you take on the West's current approach to countering terrorism, you will be challenged by this text.

Flying Safer Skies?

- Flying has never been safer, but there are still parts of the world where flying can be risky.

Pirates Beaten Back

- Despite a recent uptick, piracy incidents are down significantly from a decade ago due to better intelligence and a greater use of technology.


- International consulting firm Deloitte carries out an annual survey of IT security at international financial institutions. Its latest report highlights management challenges at banks, insurance companies, and brokerages around the world.

Piracy Rising

- The high seas are once again experiencing a surge in the scourge of piracy, according to the International Maritime Bureau.

No Fly Zone

- Check out which airlines have been banned from entering the European Union’s airspace because of safety concerns.

Muslim Engagement

- Read the British government’s strategy for confronting Muslim radicalization and promoting moderate Islam in the fight against violent extremism.

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