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Pirates Beaten Back

- Despite a recent uptick, piracy incidents are down significantly from a decade ago due to better intelligence and a greater use of technology.


- International consulting firm Deloitte carries out an annual survey of IT security at international financial institutions. Its latest report highlights management challenges at banks, insurance companies, and brokerages around the world.

Piracy Rising

- The high seas are once again experiencing a surge in the scourge of piracy, according to the International Maritime Bureau.

No Fly Zone

- Check out which airlines have been banned from entering the European Union’s airspace because of safety concerns.

Muslim Engagement

- Read the British government’s strategy for confronting Muslim radicalization and promoting moderate Islam in the fight against violent extremism.

U.S. Border Security Hurting Trade with Canada

- U.S. border security initiatives hurt cross-border trade with Canada, the country's international trade minister says.


- In a case recently decided in Wales, United Kingdom, the High Court of Justice has ruled that it has jurisdiction over an Internet libel lawsuit. (King v. Lewis, High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division, No. [2004] EWHC 168 (QB), 52, 2004)

Israel to Vote on Detention Law Extension for Security Suspects

- Israel moves to extend detention of security suspects with minimal oversight.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

- The 88-acre campus in the woods near Fredericksburg, Virginia, is disarmingly bucolic, but the training is intended to be alarmingly real, in the hopes that trainees who pass through this self-protection and awareness course and go on to Iraq will have a better chance of surviving. The typical attendee is a civilian contractor, but today it is the media, this reporter included, who have been invited in to experience the training firsthand

Encyclopedia of World Terrorism: 1996-2002.

- This two-volume Encyclopedia of World Terrorism follows a 1996 effort by the same publisher. Appropriately enough, the work begins with an in-depth review of the 9-11 attacks, including studies of the victims, hijackers, first responders, and media. Two following chapters examine the tragedy's impact on the United States and the world, as well as the U.S. response and the impact on airport security, homeland security, the U.S. economy, and the intelligence community.

Canada Unveils National Security Policy

- Canada is known as one of the world's most peaceful countries, but it is not immune to the peregrinations of terrorists. With this realization in mind, the Canadian government recently created its first ever national security policy, a 50-plus-page document that addresses intelligence, emergency planning, public health, transport security, border security, and international security.

State Faulted for Terror Report

- The State Department's annual review of terrorist incidents and trends has come under fire for understating the extent of international terrorism in 2003. Specifically, Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2003 states that attacks dropped 45 percent from 2001 to 2003 and that the 2003 total "represents the lowest annual total of international terrorist attacks since 1969." . The revised report, containing country analyses, information on terrorist groups, and policy initiatives, will be available on SM Online.

Algiers Bombing Kills 67

- Al Qaeda's North African affiliate is believed to be the culprit.

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