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- Saudi Arabia holds one-quarter of the world's proven oil reserves, making security of its oil infrastructure essential to the global economy. A report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies cites the kingdom's "weakest link" as its 10,700 miles of pipeline. Still, security is taken so seriously there that "most foreseeable assaults are likely to be quickly confined and any resulting damage is likely to be repaired relatively quickly," says the report. @ Read it at SM Online.

Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001

- Author Steve Coll's reporting is exemplary. Information comes from a range of respected and noted intelligence officers who served in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation or the rise of the Taliban. Coll details such topics as command of the Northern Alliance and the plan to target Tarnak Farm, where Osama bin Laden stayed with his family. Coll also paints a thorough picture of CIA and State Department achievements and setbacks in the region.

German Companies the Target of Foreign Espionage

- China, aiming to become more technologically competitive, is aggressively spying on German companies.

United Kingdom: Thousands of Security Jobs Held By Illegals

- A government review has found that 5,000 illegal immigrants are employed in U.K. security jobs, some sensitive in nature.

White House Says War on Drugs Working

- Antidrug chief says the increase in price of cocaine is evidence the U.S. strategy is working.

Business Under Fire: How Israeli Companies Are Succeeding in the Face of Terror--and What We Can Learn From Them.

- Information from interviews is presented as Q&A, then discussed. The author interviews an Israeli CEO, for example, then discusses the main points. A summary follows. The book proceeds like this through three sectors: hotel/tourism, high technology, and transportation.


- Could investment in the fight against AIDS help reduce terrorism? That's the provocative thesis of a paper written by Trevor Neilson, executive director of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS. The paper is on SM Online.


- If you're wearing clothing by Armani or Burberry, carrying a bag by Coach or Louis Vuitton, or wearing a watch by Cartier or Rolex, you might want to take a closer look. These are a few of the most frequently knocked-off brands based on incidents compiled by counterfeit-intelligence analysts Gieschen Consultancy of Canada.

Terrorist Prison Population to Explode in England and Wales

- Prison officials say new high-security prisons will need to be built if estimates are correct.

Staging Security in a Theater of War

- One manager shares the lessons learned in leading personnel into Iraq to help rebuild the country's infrastructure.

Cost of War on Terrorism Should Not Be Hidden

- The GAO tells the Pentagon to stop using emergency requests to fund "the long war."

Quick Bytes: IT best practices

-  The Information Security Forum (ISF), a U.K.-based nonprofit group of more than 260 international corporate members from Adobe Systems to Zurich Financial Services, has released an updated version of The Standard of Good Practice for Information Security. This comprehensive standard allows organizations to measure the effectiveness of their security posture against an international benchmark. The latest version has added guidance on patch management and on mitigating threats posed by instant messaging. It has significantly updated sections on outsourcing, virus protection, and Web server security. Unlike most of ISF’s 200 or so publications, which are available only to members, The Standard of Good Practice is available to the public for free. Get it via SM Online.

New in Plain Text

- “Threats unseen are threats unbelieved,” says one terrorist in Hacking a Terror Network: The Silent Threat of Covert Channels, a new book by Russ Rogers. These unseen threats are the focus of Rogers’ book, about a fictionalized set of terrorists led by a young Arabic man who seeks revenge against the Americans whose bomb killed his brother.

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