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- The Information Security Forum (ISF), a U.K.-based nonprofit group of more than 260 international corporate members from Adobe Systems to Zurich Financial Services, has released an updated version of The Standard of Good Practice for Information Security. This comprehensive standard allows organizations to measure the effectiveness of their security posture against an international benchmark. The latest version has added guidance on patch management and on mitigating threats posed by instant messaging. It has significantly updated sections on outsourcing, virus protection, and Web server security. Unlike most of ISF's 200 or so publications, which are available only to members, @ The Standard of Good Practice is available to the public for free.

Study Questions CCTV’s Value

- In an expansive 160-page report written for the U.K. Home Office, which is responsible for domestic issues, Professor Martin Gill and Angela Spriggs did not find conclusive proof of CCTV’s beneficial effect on crime in town and city centers, parking areas, hospitals, and residential zones. Read the report.

32 al Qaeda Operatives Convicted in Yemen

- The defendants were convicted of planning suicide bombings against oil and gas installations in the country.

Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror.

- If only the location of Osama bin Laden were as easy to discover as the identity of the “anonymous” author of Imperial Hubris, an insider’s view of the search for bin Laden and a critique of the overall war on terrorism. A new edition names Michael Scheuer, a counterterrorism expert from the CIA assigned to the bin Laden “team,” who quickly surfaced as the author, appearing on talk shows to defend his book’s controversial positions.

EU Proposes New Antiterrorism Laws

- New proposal concentrates on terrorists using the Internet and mandating more passenger information for those flying to or from EU states.

ID cards

- The United Kingdom’s House of Commons has approved a bill to establish a national ID card system. The Identity Cards Bill sets out a system under which each citizen would have a compulsory ID card embedded with a computer chip by 2012. The chip will hold personal information such as names and addresses as well as a biometric identifier such as a facial scan or iris scan. All of this information will also be stored in a national database. The bill had little problem passing in the House of Commons with a vote of 224 to 64. However, it faces a greater challenge in the House of Lords, according to public comments from its sponsor, Secretary of State for the Home Department Charles Clark.@ The full text of the bill is available at Security Management Online.

IP report

- Intellectual property piracy report issued by U.S. Trade Representative.

Italian Police Capture Mafia Boss But Crime Flourishes in Italy

- The arrest of Salvatore Lo Piccolo is a rare success in the fight against the Sicilian Mafia, which has shown its resilience over the years.

Head of MI-5 Says Al Qaeda Grooming British Homegrown Terrorists

- British intelligence has identified 2,000 people with links to international terrorism.

Global Jihad, One Hit at a Time

- If the automated counting program is accurate, one of the main Internet sites for the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade has registered more than 2 million hits. Sixty-two thousand people have visited a site of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These are just two of the thousands of Internet sites dedicated to spreading jihadist sentiment.@ SM Online has links to some of the monitoring sites.

Osama: The Making of a Terrorist.

- The face of terrorism today is Osama bin Laden. Yet for all the publicity surrounding him, he remains an elusive figure who has become larger than life throughout the Muslim world. Merely mentioning his name evokes adulation among his devotees and revulsion in the Western world. When he issues a video or audiotape, terror alerts spike all over the world. Therefore, knowing as much as possible about him is useful for those  tasked with trying to counter his activities and those of his supporters. This book is an excellent effort to do just that.

Quick Bytes: Governance best practices

- Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) have become buzzwords since the passage of legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. But what exactly do they mean? And how should companies promote their effective use? A white paper from The Compliance Consortium, a year-old international group working to create GRC best practices, answers these questions.

Quick Bytes: Five steps to cybersecurity

- In a new paper, the Business Software Alliance calls on lawmakers to take five steps to deter cybercrime: Ratify the Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime; improve cross-jurisdictional cooperation to make investigating cyberattacks in other countries easier; ensure that law enforcement has the proper tools and training to fight online lawlessness; create a presidential commission on organized cybercrime and identity theft that will make recommendations for raising awareness of, and fighting, these problems; and increase enforcement by setting up an inter-agency organized task force to fight phishing, spam, spyware, and other online threats.

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