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Campus Safety

- Check out the safest and most dangerous U.S. college campuses, according to The Daily Beast. Spoiler alert: the Ivy League didn’t fare well.

Student Violence

- More than a quarter of the staff at schools and colleges have to deal with physical violence from students, according to a survey by the Association for Teachers and Lecturers in the United Kingdom. Read the full report for more findings.

Crime Reporting and Response

- A look at how the responsibilities schools have for reporting and responding to criminal incidents on campus are evolving.

Spreading the Word

- A public address system helps a college get detailed information directly to students during a crisis.

86 Percent of Public Schools Reported Crimes in '05-'06 School Year

- Eighty-six percent of public schools reported at least one or more crimes in the 2005-2006 school year, according to new statistics on indicators of school crime and safety.

Man with Painted Face Kills Two Babies and One Adult at Belgium Nursery

- A man with a painted white face and blackened eyes walked into a Belgian nursery today and slaughtered two children and one adult with a knife, according to various media reports.

Virginia Tech Victim Was Decapitated, Say Police

- What was originally reported as a stabbing death at Virginia Tech has turned into something much more gruesome: the killer, Haiyang Zhu, decapitated his fellow female graduate student with a kitchen knife.

Another Murder at Virginia Tech; Mass Notification System Successful

- Nearly two years after the massacre at Virginia Tech, another violent tragedy has struck the Blacksburg, Virginia, campus.

Combining Town and Gown

- Universities have gone from shutting the surrounding community out to working with it to decrease crime and make the campus a more desirable place to be.

U.S. Federal Legislation: School Safety

- A bill (H.R. 2352) that would provide grants to schools to purchase security equipment has been approved by the House Judiciary Committee. The House of Representatives has not announced whether it will consider the measure.

Virginia Tech Massacre Leads to New Safety Nets on Campuses

- Campuses have strengthened or created behavioral threat assessment teams to identify students who pose a risk to themselves or others in an effort to prevent bloodshed on campus.

Teaming Up to Reduce Risk

- Universities are using threat assessment teams to help identify at-risk students and keep them from harming themselves or others.Sidebar: Navigating Privacy Protections

Campus security

- A bill (H.R. 4340) introduced by Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) would require that colleges and universities implement plans for investigating violent felonies or missing students. The provision would require that institutions develop and implement a plan within one year that would provide for the coordination of efforts with law enforcement

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