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Studious Attention to Security

- Find out how Drexel University's public safety department protects the campus.

College Makes GPS-Cell Phones Mandatory

- Students say the phones make them feel safer but complain about the phone's cost.

Shedding Light on University Security

- Universities must understand the impact of lighting on campus and work to create lighting policies that meet both student and industry expectations.

School security

- A bill (S.B. 152) that would require school districts in Texas to implement bullying-prevention programs has been approved by the state’s Senate and has been taken up by the House of Representatives.

Intelligent Design

- Link Elements Of Campus Security Design Guidelines.

Intelligent Design

- Security directors should take the lead in advocating for the development of standards for campus building projects.

The New Hall Monitor

- Buncombe County (North Carolina) Schools have installed survelliance that has helped it cut incidents of crime.

A Matter of Degrees


One in a Million

- Schools learn a lesson about security.

School safety

- A bill (A.B. 2809) pending before the California Assembly would require the state superintendent of schools to provide funds to school districts to promote school safety and reduce school violence. The bill would also require that the state department of education develop policies to prevent bullying and promote conflict resolution. The department would then make these policies available to individual schools.

Party Riots

- This report released by COPS provides a framework for understanding student gatherings, specifically the problem of student party riots.

Patrolling Performance

- Find out how this school fixed a problem it had with poor performance among its guards, some of whom never even carried out their patrols.

Blackboard Jungle

- Schools and police departments are partnering to produce floor plans on CDs for use by first responders during a crisis.(Digital Imaging for Safe Schools: A Public Safety Response to Critical Incidents and a shorter version of the same document, Quick Reference Guide for Digital Imaging)

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