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Panoramic Imager

- HGH Infrared Systems of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has introduced the SPYNEL-X, a high-definition IRST (infrared search and track) camera.

Thermal App

- Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd. of Karmiel, Israel, and Lumus Ltd. of Rehovot, Israel, have joined forces to provide mobile long-range night-vision capabilities. The Therm-App mobile device, mounted on headgear, transmits high-resolution images to the Lumus wearable display, providing the user with a large, high-quality image. The combination is ideal for professionals who require hands-free operation in complete darkness or limited visibility. It will help security teams, search-and-rescue responders, and other law enforcement and public safety professionals.

Corner Camera

- The new FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP camera from Bosch of Fairport, New York, enables users to observe locations with poor lighting that are prone to vandalism. The camera features high-resolution optics for maximum detail and image usa­­bility, as well as a wide-angle fisheye lens for covering every area of the room. Integrated infra­red LEDs maintain video clarity even in complete darkness. The rugged, nongrip design makes the camera difficult to tamper with. Its Content Based Imaging Technology lowers bandwidth consumption and storage costs by suppressing irrelevant image noise. The camera integrates with a wide range of security software and recording solutions.

Edge Storage Cameras

- All current IP cameras from Dallmeier of Regensburg, Germany, are equipped with a random access memory (RAM). If the network drops out or becomes overloaded, or if the recording system has to be rebooted, this internal storage can bridge the period when the network is unavailable without loss of data. As soon as the network is restored, SmartBackfill ensures that the recordings stored in the RAM are transmitted rapidly to the Smavia appliance, which saves the data at high speed. Afterwards, the recording of the stream is continued seamlessly and without loss.

Thermal App

- The Therm-App device from Opgal Op­tronic Industries Ltd. of Kar­miel, Israel, works with Android phones to allow mobile thermal imaging for high-resolution images in darkness and inclement weather. It enables tracking of vehicles up to 1,500 meters away and people up to 500 meters away. The lightweight, compact camera offers 384 x 288-pixel resolution for situational awareness, surveillance, location and evidence collection, and personal safety enhancement. The camera enables users to record and share high-quality thermal images and video.

IP Cameras

- The new DINION IP 4000 and 5000 cameras from Bosch Security Systems, INC., of Fairport, New York, combine the latest technology with aesthetic design. Both cameras offer an attractive range of features for image quality, management of bit rates, and low storage requirements, as well as important audio capabilities, cloud-based services, and easy and cost-effective installation. The DINION IP 4000 HD offers 720p resolution, and the DINION IP 5000 HD has 1080p resolution. Both feature intelli­gent Dynamic Noise Reduction. A built-in microphone and two-way audio allow the operator or security guard to listen to and also question intruders or communicate with visitors who appear to need assistance.

Wearable Camera

- V.I.O. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has launched the Stream mountable and wearable video camera.

Camera Kits

- London-based Y3K is offer­ing high-definition 960H camera and DVR kits at affordable prices.

Network Cameras

- Swann Security of Santa Fe Springs, California, has added two new cameras to its line of network security cameras.

IP Cameras

- CBC (AMERICA) Corporation of Commack, New York, announced that a new family of IP cameras has been added to the Ganz PixelPro Series.

Indoor/Outdoor Camera

- The GXV3674_HD_VF camera from Bos­­ton-based Grandstream Networks is a weatherproof infrared HD IP camera with an adjustable lens to focus on nearby or distant areas.

Lightweight Cameras

- Canon U.S.A. of Melville, New York, has added four new full HD-resolution network cameras to its product line.

Dome Cameras

- Panasonic of Newark, New Jersey, has introduced two new HD and Full HD fixed dome network cameras.

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