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High-Definition Cameras

- The Nextiva S5000 Series IP Cameras from Verint Systems Inc. of Melville, New York, offer H.264 compression technology in a high-performance network camera. The camera provides efficient band­width management and excellent images in a variety of discreet video surveillance applications.

Camera Intelligence

- Bosch Security Systems, Inc., of Fairport, New York, has introduced a single-channel video encoder that transforms existing analog cameras into powerful automated detectors. The encoder delivers H.264 compressed video and has a built-in hardware accelerator for intelligent video analysis functionality.

Tamper-Resistant Camera

- The TufGuy tamper-resistant camera from San Diego-based Sperry West is designed to be impervious to attacks by vandals. A protective shield covers the lens and 36-LED, high-output infrared array, which can easily be replaced, even if attacked with paint.

Camera Housing

- Moog Videolarm of Decatur, Georgia, has introduced a new camera housing system that works with 3G/4G wireless systems that provide surveillance via cellular networks or WiMax. The Liberty Dome is ideal for difficult-to-wire rapid deployment or isolated application installations.

HD Camera

- The 11000 high-definition fixed IP camera is new from IndigoVision of Edinburgh, Scotland. The one-megapixel, full-frame rate day/night camera is guaranteed to never drop a frame.

Low-Light Camera

- The ChromaNox line of EMCCD low-light security cameras from FLIR Systems, Inc., of Portland, Oregon, deliver exceptional image quality in light levels from bright sunlight to dark starlight conditions. The cameras feature proprietary image-processing algorithms to bring out hidden details.

Intelligent Camera

- SightLogix of Princeton, New Jersey, has introduced SightSensor intelligent video cameras, which detect, assess, and locate intrusions over large perimeters and outdoor areas.

License Plate Camera

- Designed to recognize license plates at close range, the LPRB922 license plate recognition camera from Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, sees only the license plate and ignores other background information.

Outdoor IR Camera

- Rainbow CCTV of Costa Mesa, California, has introduced an outdoor camera with integrated infrared illumination.

PTZ Camera

- Dedicated Micros of Chantilly, Virginia, has introduced the Infiniti integrated pan-tilt-zoom camera, which seamlessly combines a camera, infrared illuminator, integral screen wiper/washer control, and built-in pan and tilt mechanism.

Portable Tower

- Dallas-based TerraHawk, LLC, has introduced the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower or M.U.S.T., which uses a vehicle-based platform to deploy an elevated tower and climate-controlled capsule to an eye-level height of over 25 feet.

Modular Camera

- Moog QuickSet of Northbrook, Illinois, has introduced a modular imaging system for high performance in a small package with easily changeable configurations.

Night Vision Scope

- American Technologies Network Corporation of South San Francisco, California, has introduced new products based on the company’s White Phosphor Technology. The ATN PS40-WPT Day/Night Scope System features image-intensifier tube technology for clear resolution and performance.

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