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Spammers Quickly Recovering from McColo Network's Demise, Says Google

- Spammers are quickly recovering from the hit they took when a notorious spam network was taken offline in November, says Google's Enterprise Blog.

Hackers Take the Fight Over Gaza Online

- As Israel continues its military campaign inside the Gaza Strip for the 12th consecutive day to cripple Hamas' ability to shoot rockets into its territory, both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian hacker groups have taken up the fight online.

Behind the Numbers: Data Security Errors by Industry



-  61 The percentage of mid-sized companies that reported a hacking or unauthorized intrusion in 2008, according to a study conducted by Amplitude Research. That’s up from 49 percent in 2007 and 44 percent in 2006.

Securing the Clouds

-  One new product helps companies secure their virtual machines even when they are "in the cloud."

E-mail Archiving

- An electronic storage solution allows companies to archive e-mail while still giving employees access to the messages.


- Conventional wisdom says that most cyberattacks emanate from Russia and China, but a new study found that most cyberattacks during the last period studied were launched from computers in the United States.


- The conviction of an e-mail spammer has been overturned by the Virginia Supreme Court, which ruled that the law he was convicted under was overbroad and unconstitutional.

Sophisticated and Innovative, Cybercrime Flourishes in 2008

- The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks have escalated throughout 2008, reports the San Diego-based Cisco Systems.

Cybercrime Trends Will Worsen in 2009, According to Forecasts

- The global recession will lead to a rise of cybercrime worldwide, as governments' attention to cybercrime is deflected toward more pressing economic problems, according to 2009 cybercrime forecasts from leading IT security firms.

Cyberattacks Surge 30 Percent Over Last 4 Months, IBM Says

- There has been a sudden surge of security events online over the past four months, according to IBM's X-Force, an elite team of IT security experts.

The Economics of Spam

- Spammers can turn a profit even when there is a minuscule probability that a sent spam e-mail will result in a sale, according to a study by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and San Diego.

Cybercriminals Quick to Exploit Obama Win

- In less than a day, cybercriminals are already exploiting Senator Barack Obama's win of the U.S. presidency last night by using spam e-mails announcing his win to infect unsuspecting users with malware, reports Sophos Labs.

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