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Russian Hacker Gang Targets Bank Accounts Without Fear

- A Russian hacking outfit has stolen 463,000 usernames and passwords since 2005, according to a security researcher at SecureWorks Inc.

Quick Bytes: Malware Confidential

- Malware has quadrupled and is increasingly targeting confidential information, according to Symantec.

A Site to See: VirusTotal

- This month's Site to See scans files up to 10 megabytes in size through 29 antivirus programs.

Malware Check

- Interested in a thorough malware check of your system? The Web site lets you upload any file, up to 10 megabytes in size, and have it scanned by 29 antivirus programs.

Malware Targets Legitimate Sites

- Malware is infiltrating legitimate business sites, delivering increasingly dangerous payloads, according to Sophos.

Don't Fall for Angelina Jolie Spam

- Spam e-mails allege they have adult video of the Hollywood actress.

Security Patch Stops Spoofing

- Network infrastructure and operating system vendors coordinated the release of a security patch on Tuesday to plug up the vulnerability.

The Perils of Spam

- The results of a new experiment, conducted by McAfee, uncovers the inextricable link between spam and cybercrime.

Citibank, Cardtronics Mum on ATM PIN Breach

- The extent of the fraud is still unknown, although prosecutors allege the hackers stole at least $2 million.

Quick Bytes: Tangled Web

- The frequency of infections from Web pages has climbed dramatically in the past year, according to antivirus firm Sophos.

In Plain Text: Exploiting Online Games

- While the world of online gaming is built to entertain, its creators and players fight the same IT threats as business-oriented networks.

A Site to See: HackerWhacker Firewall Tester

- offers five free security tests that search your computer for the most common vulnerabilities.

Culprits (Not) Framed

- When digital photo frames can be infected by a computer virus, almost all memory-bearing devices are at risk.

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