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Security Patch Stops Spoofing

- Network infrastructure and operating system vendors coordinated the release of a security patch on Tuesday to plug up the vulnerability.

The Perils of Spam

- The results of a new experiment, conducted by McAfee, uncovers the inextricable link between spam and cybercrime.

Citibank, Cardtronics Mum on ATM PIN Breach

- The extent of the fraud is still unknown, although prosecutors allege the hackers stole at least $2 million.

Quick Bytes: Tangled Web

- The frequency of infections from Web pages has climbed dramatically in the past year, according to antivirus firm Sophos.

In Plain Text: Exploiting Online Games

- While the world of online gaming is built to entertain, its creators and players fight the same IT threats as business-oriented networks.

A Site to See: HackerWhacker Firewall Tester

- offers five free security tests that search your computer for the most common vulnerabilities.

Culprits (Not) Framed

- When digital photo frames can be infected by a computer virus, almost all memory-bearing devices are at risk.

Whack a Hacker

- Check out this month’s “Site to See” where PC owners can get an assortment of security tests for free.


- The number of Web pages that can pass along malware has tripled in the last year, says an antivirus firm.

Spammer To Pay MySpace $6 Million in Settlement

- The settlement, however, is 95 percent less than originally sought by the social networking site.

Experts to Congress: Regulate Spyware

- Computer and information security experts and advocates told a Senate hearing they approve of legislation to curb the unauthorized download of software onto users' computers.

Two Lawmakers Allege China Hacked Their Computers

- In one instance, the hack attack compromised all the information on international political dissidents held by one House member.

Employees More Dangerous Than Hackers, Survey Finds

- A new survey of IT directors says insider threats are a bigger problem than external threats such as hackers.

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