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Web-Based Bugs

- Got bugs? This month’s Site to See offers free e-mail alerts notifying companies if their sites are vulnerable to one of the biggest Web application vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Under Denial-of-Service Attack

- The network's management believes the government of Belarus is behind the attack.

Site to See:

- offers free e-mail alerts to notify companies when they receive a vulnerability affecting their Web site.

In Plain Text: Wireless Hacking Exposed

- Learn the dos and don'ts of using wireless infrastructures so hackers can't compromise your personal data.

Social Sites: More Foe than Friend?

- Senior executives are increasingly targeted by phishing scams, and social networking sites may be behind the trend.

Reported Cybercrime Cost U.S. $240 Million

- Online auction fraud is the favored tactic of criminals to defraud their victims.

Don't Get Scammed

- Identity thieves and other cybercriminals are on the prowl this tax season.

Leopard Killed First in Hacker Competition

- The contest pitted hackers against three operating systems: Linux's Ubuntu, Mac's Leopard, and Microsoft's Vista.

Spam Explosion

- Spam has exploded, accounting for 90 to 95 percent of all e-mail sent in 2007, reports Barracuda Networks.

E-mail Encryption Gets Practical

- More companies are considering new products and technologies that allow for easy encryption of e-mail.

Russian Cybercrooks Adopt Lower Profile

- How publicity killed the Russian Business Network.

Conference Promotes Data Sharing Among CISOs

- A new security conference organized by eBay gets CISOs to do what they are most reluctant to do: share data about information vulnerabilities.

Vista Threats

- Threats to Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system as well as a handful of Web-related dangers are listed in McAfee Avert Labs’ Top 10 Security Threats for 2008.

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