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Employees More Dangerous Than Hackers, Survey Finds

- A new survey of IT directors says insider threats are a bigger problem than external threats such as hackers.

Hack Attacks

- Healthcare organizations face a full frontal assault from hackers, who have stepped up their attacks by 85 percent over the last year.

Quick Bytes: Health Bug

- Hacking attacks against healthcare organizations increased 85 percent between February 2007 and January 2008, according to SecureWorks.

Reconsidering the Wisdom of Thin Clients

- Thin-client computers, say enthusiasts, provide a highly secure, less-expensive alternative to desktop PCs.

Printer Vulnerabilities Exposed

- Equipped with routers and servers, printers can be exploited in the same way as computers.

Online Gold and Silver Transactions Could Attract Money Launderers and Terrorists

- A classified Canadian report says that Web sites operated by "digital precious metal operators" could be exploited for money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Pharming Threat Grows

- Pharming is proliferating throughout the world, but there are ways to protect yourself.

Business Executives are "Big Phish" to Hackers

- Hackers are e-mailing phony subpoenas that, once opened, allow hackers to take control of corporate executives' computer or steal valuable information.

Web-Based Bugs

- Got bugs? This month’s Site to See offers free e-mail alerts notifying companies if their sites are vulnerable to one of the biggest Web application vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Under Denial-of-Service Attack

- The network's management believes the government of Belarus is behind the attack.

Site to See:

- offers free e-mail alerts to notify companies when they receive a vulnerability affecting their Web site.

In Plain Text: Wireless Hacking Exposed

- Learn the dos and don'ts of using wireless infrastructures so hackers can't compromise your personal data.

Social Sites: More Foe than Friend?

- Senior executives are increasingly targeted by phishing scams, and social networking sites may be behind the trend.

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