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Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets and Solutions, Sixth Edition

- The sixth edition of Hacking Exposed is a good, solid reference for security professionals concerned about computer security.


- 73 The percentage of small and medium-sized businesses victimized by cyberattacks in the past year, according to Symantec’s 2010 Global Information Protection Survey. Thirty percent of those attacks were deemed somewhat/extremely successful.

Guiding Control System Cybersecurity

- The U.S. government helps protect critical infrastructure by providing owner-operators with IT security research and support.

Symantec Discovers Fast Food Phishing Scam

- A researcher at security software giant Symantec has discovered a new type of phishing attack that attempts to lure unsuspecting victims to give up financial information by using a survey.

Behind the Numbers

- The time lapsed before an IT threat is detected by a company.


- 10 The number in millions of cyberattacks launched against U.S. Energy Department systems daily, the former agency CIO told Forbes.

Colombia: Killers Post Two Hit Lists on Facebook; Three Teenagers Murdered

- Unknown killers posted two hit lists on Facebook, listing 100 names from the Colombian town of Puerto Asis. Three teenagers on the list have met violent deaths.

URL Shortened Spam Continues to Grow

- Spammers are increasingly using url shortening services to disguise links in spam and lure e-mail users to click on links they normally wouldn't, according to MessageLabs Intelligence.

Energy Insecurities: The Downside of Being Too Smart

- The energy sector's cybervulnerabilities have become more challenging with the rise of smart technologies, but government and industry have not taken the necessary steps to address these exposures and secure America's energy infrastructure. (Online Exclusive)


- 45 The percentage of IT professionals who say the risks of cloud computing outweigh the benefits, according to a study by ISACA, a nonprofit IT governance organization.

Behind the Numbers

- Chart: Information that IT deems too risky for cloud computing.

President Needs Emergency Cybersecurity Powers, Sen. Collins Says

- The White House needs to have the emergency authority to compel the private sector to protect U.S. critical infrastructure if it came under a sustained cyberattack, according to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) Tuesday.

Google Cyberattack Used Run-of-the-Mill Attack Method

- New details about the cyberthefts at Google late last year seem to prove one thing: even the best of us can fall for routine hacker tactics.

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