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Cyber-Neighborhood Watch

- The U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory has created a way for entities to share information on cyberattacks in real time.

Hacking Wall Street

- Hacking Wall Street  is an interesting book from an author with no credentials.

Web Security Testing Cookbook

- A bit outdated, this Web security text can nevertheless help developers and quality assurance testers apply effective security design strategies.

President Obama Picks Cybersecurity Czar

- Seven months after calling cybersecurity critical to "public safety and national security," President Barack Obama today will name his pick for the nation's first cybersecurity czar.

Fraud and Small Business

- As criminals target the online transactions of small and medium-sized businesses, companies are exploring security options such as standalone operating systems.

Study: Pick Your (Online) Friends Wisely

- It isn't always easy to turn down a request to be friends—especially in the context of online social networking.

Reclaiming Reputations

- Have a bad reputation on the Web? A new service may be able to help companies and individuals reclaim their reputations.

U.S. Opens Cybersecurity Center

- The United States on Friday took another step toward protecting the country from cyberattacks by consolidating its cyberdefense efforts into one state-of-the-art cybersecurity center, reports Computer Weekly.

Mid-Size Businesses Suffer More Cyberattacks As Security Budgets Tighten

- A recent survey shows that cybercriminals are increasingly attacking mid-sized businesses as firms freeze their IT security budgets in a tough economy, reports

Social Networking

-   Twenty percent more companies are blocking social networking sites compared to six months ago, according to security firm ScanSafe. Company concerns include possible malware, potential loss of sensitive data, and bandwidth use.


- Bots, computer-infecting software run by a remote computer, are increasingly common. The RUBotted program provides extra protection for Web users who do not want to be unwillingly conscripted into a zombie computer army.

Two New Fraudulent E-mails Pose as Facebook and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

- Two new fraudulent e-mails are trying to lure unsuspecting victims into installing malware on their computers, says a leading Web and e-mail security provider.


- 640   The number, in thousands, of new fake antivirus programs propagated during the year’s third quarter, according to PandaLabs.

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