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Pentagon Weighs Banning Social Networking

- The Pentagon is once again seriously considering a "near-total ban" of all social networking Web sites from its unclassified network,'s Danger Room blog reports.

U.K.: MI-5 Web Site Hacked

- Britain's domestic intelligence agency has admitted that a vulnerability in its Web site's search engine could have allowed hackers to divert visitors to malicious pages, reports ZDNet UK.

Tight Budgets Harm IT Security, RSA Survey Says

- Over half the respondents surveyed by the RSA Conference said their top security concern was budgetary constraints.

Hacking Exposed Windows: Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions, Third Edition

- Worried about protecting Microsoft operating systems from hackers? Hacking Exposed Windows offers a valuable tutorial, presented in an interesting fashion.

Site to See: VIPRE Rescue Program

- Sometimes malware can render computers nearly or completely inoperable. A VIPRE Rescue Program scan can remove rootkits and other malware and log removal events.

Quick Bytes: Insecure Web

- Most Web sites have at least one significant vulnerability, according to a study by WhiteHat Security, which examined its own enterprise customers.

AV Lives

- Antivirus vendors are evolving to fight malware beyond signature detection.

Internet's Anonymity Protects Cyberattackers

- Despite evidence that a British company's servers unleashed a recent wave of cyberattacks against U.S. and South Korean government and commercial Web sites, cybersecurity experts say it's hard to find a smoking gun in cyberspace's murky environs.

Survey: 17 Percent Responded to Spam Despite Most Knowing the Danger

- A new survey may make you question how schooled the average Internet user is in Internet security.

Spam Explodes in First Half of 2009

- Spam has once again reached the same volume it did in November 2008, when the servers of a major spamming company were disconnected, according to e-mail and Web security firm Marshal8e6.

Russia: Hackers Target Religious Sites

- While it's been heavily publicized that running afoul of the Russian government could make you a target for cyberattack, Russian hackers have victimized another population: religious groups.

Congress May Have Inadvertently Made Identity Theft Easier, Researcher Says

- Legislation passed by Congress that now reveals the last four digits of a person's Social Security number on public documents may make it easier for identity thieves to ply their trade if they can reconstruct the researchers' methods.


- Sometimes malware can render computers nearly or completely inoperable. It can shut down Windows system tools and security software. Find out more about a free utility that can be placed on a flash drive and used to rescue a crippled machine.

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