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Alleged Theft at Citibank Underscores Worries Over Online Bank Robberies

- The Wall Street Journal stands by its report yesterday that the FBI is investigating a cybertheft last summer or earlier where hackers stole tens of millions of dollars electronically from Citibank.


- The underground cybercrime economy may not be as large as some studies suggest, according to a recent Microsoft report. Estimates emphasize the value of black-market-listed goods, but many black-market participants are scammers and don’t really have the goods, stated the report.

Cyber Stats High?

- Estimates on the size of the underground cybercrime economy may be inflated, according to a recent Microsoft report.

Social Engineering Risks

- Cybercriminals' new tactic to steal valuable information preys on human nature.

Largest U.S. Identity Theft Scheme Busted

- Three individuals were indicted in what is believed to be the largest hacking and identity theft case ever prosecuted in the United States.

Preparing for Cyber Extortion

- Much like in the real world, security experts advise victims not to give in to extortion demands.

Defense in Breadth

- According to a new report, most data breaches can be thwarted by implementing basic information security measures.

TJX Settles Data Breach for $9.7 Million

- TJX Companies Inc.—parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods—will pay out $9.7 million to 41 states after hackers stole customers' payment card information in one of the biggest data breaches ever reported.

New Information-Sharing Task Force Nets Arrest of 2 U.K. Cybergangs

- An agreement by banks and credit card companies to share cybercrime intelligence has resulted in the discovery and arrest of two London-based cybercrime gangs, reports the online technology publication The Register.

FBI Details Cyber Sting

- The FBI has fielded full-time cyberagents in more than 60 countries worldwide to fight malware.

Outsourcing Helps PCI Woes

- Experts say small merchants could benefit from using third-party solutions to gain PCI compliance.

YouTube Account Holders Target of Phishing Scam

- Cybercriminals may be targeting YouTube account holders through spoofed e-mails aimed at tricking them to respond with their personal information, according to a post carried by The Washington Post.

Internet Crime

- The number of Internet crime complaints rose 33 percent in 2008 compared to 2007, with financial losses rising about 11 percent, according to a report by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center.

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