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How to Conduct Internal Investigations: A Practical Guide for Human Resource Professionals

- There are four parts to the book: prevention, employment law, investigation, and documentation.

Criminals Cast A Wider Net

- As the global economy becomes more interconnected, white collar criminals continue to be sophisticated enemies, threatening governments and businesses alike.


- A new report from an international executive search company describes a global leadership shortage. Conducted by Stanton Chase International, the research behind 2013 Global Industrial Strategy Survey: Planning for 2014 and Beyond finds a lack of leaders with vision, high-level strategic thinking ability, and global leadership skills.


- The U.S. government is moving to make continuous evaluation part of the security clearance process beginning this fall. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget illustrates the timeline for implementation in its Suitability and Security Processes Review, a report to President Barack Obama that was released in February 2014.

Eligible Employees With Access To Restricted Materials

- How many government and contractor employees have access to restricted materials.

Foundations of Psychological Profiling: Terrorism, Espionage, and Deception

- The disclosures this past year of the National Security Agency’s massive data mining of telephone calls and Internet activity of individuals is yet another example of the “hot” nature of the issue of profiling.

The Top Five Red Flags When Negotiating Contracts

- The top five pitfalls to avoid when negotiating contracts.


- A New York court has ruled that employees’ immigration status does not affect the employer’s rights under Workers’ Compensation Law section 11. Instead, employers have economic protections under the law regardless of employees’ immigration statuses.

Seeing Opportunity Through Risk

- Enterprise risk management is more than a process of checking off boxes—it can lead to new business opportunities and a higher return on investment.

Succession Management: A Structured Approach

- Dunbar Armored Inc. is using a new system to line up qualified candidates before critical positions open up.

Outsourcing the CSO Function

- The pros and cons of outsourcing the CSO function.

Making the Most of Mentoring

- Today’s security professionals need mentoring to move forward meaningfully in their careers.

Line Up a Screening Strategy

- A criminal background should not automatically disqualify an applicant for a job, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. However, it wouldn’t be appropriate to fill some sensitive positions with offenders. Learn how to hire with confidence.

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