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Helping Gabriel Blow His Horn

- Thanks to stronger protections and incentives, more employees are learning to blow the whistle on illegal practices when they spot them at their own companies.

Morning Security Brief: Vetting Utility Workers, 911 Tapes, Verizon Strike, and More

- A U.S. lawmaker introduces legislation for doing background checks on utility workers. North Carolina will begin to alter 911 tapes to protect victims. Tel Aviv University has developed a hand-held date rape drug detector. And more.

Millennials Could Dictate the Future of Employment Screening

- As the reins change hands from Generation X to Millennials over the next 20 years, the work force will be replaced by tech savvy security managers looking for fast, convenient, and portable solutions to employee background checks, says a background screening executive.

The Real Price of Virtual Kidnappings

- Travelers should be wary of scams in which criminals steal a cell phone and then falsely claim to be holding its owner hostage.

EEOC Holds Hearing on Credit Checks and Employment

- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) held a hearing to explore the use of credit checks in preemployment screening programs. The EEOC is investigating the issue to determine whether credit checks are creating an obstacle to employment in a poor economy, especially for minority applicants.


- A far-reaching congressional investigation found that the Pentagon’s supply-chain subcontractors in Afghanistan paid protection money to tribal warlords, and some of those funds likely found their way into the hands of supporters of the insurgency. Get the details of the congressional findings here.

Get Smart About Protecting Phones

- Companies should have adequate policies and technical controls to secure smart phones in the workplace.

The Price of Afghan Security

- Subcontractors delivering goods to remote combat outposts in Afghanistan may be funding the Taliban by paying hefty fees for safe passage.

Median Compensation Up 6 percent for Security Professionals in 2010

- After dipping slightly in 2009, wages for security professionals are on the rise again, with median compensation for 2010 reaching $93,000, a 6 percent increase, according to the ASIS U.S. Security Salary Survey Results, 2010 . Respondents who had a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification earned a median $118,000 in 2010.

Making Sure Your Employees Come Home Safe

- When sending employees overseas for travel, companies have a duty of care to ensure they provide the necessary security protocols, training, and contingency plans to ensure they come home safe and sound.

Private Security Guards Block Media Access to Oily Beach

- Private security guards blocked a local television reporter's access to workers cleaning up oil from a local public beach last Friday, directly contradicting claims from BP that it has not restricted media access to the ongoing clean-up operation.


- Many organizations are concerned about telephone eavesdropping, but few organizations take steps to mitigate the risk, especially in certain foreign regions, according to a Ponemon Institute study. Read the report.

Contractor Challenges in Afghanistan

- Expectations that are at odds with reality present challenges to contractors working in Afghanistan.

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