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Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner’s Handbook, Second Edition.

- Violence Assessment and Intervention is a good reference for entities that need a program to handle potentially violent individuals.

Morning Security Brief: Whistleblower Report, Immigration Enforcement, Background Checks, and More

- A Labor Department Inspector General report finds that OSHA's whistleblower protection program falls far short of its goals, failing its own standard in 80% of cases. DHS reports recordbreaking immigration enforcement. HHS announces grants to states to develop programs for background checks for job candidates at elder-care facilities to curb patient abuse. And the GAO gives the Obama Administration a decent grade on cybersecurity progress report, but raises concerns about reaching ultimate goals.

Elsewhere in the Courts: ADA

- A federal court has ruled that an employee who failed to disclose his diagnosis of depression cannot later make a claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to the case, the employee alleging that he was “stressed” and “anxious” did not constitute a formal request for accommodation of a disability.

State Legislation: Connecticut: Employment

- A new Connecticut law (formerly H.B. 5497) prohibits employers from firing, demoting, or threatening employees who are subpoenaed in a criminal case, participating in a criminal investigation, or have a restraining order issued on their behalf. Employers must also provide time off for victims of domestic violence who must obtain medical care, seek help from victims services, or relocate because of that violence.

U.S. Judicial Decisions: Defamation

- A woman may pursue a lawsuit against her employer after a company executive falsely accused her of illegally pulling a fire alarm. The woman was arrested and charged in the incident. According to a federal court, the woman may pursue her allegations of defamation, invasion of privacy, negligent intention of emotional distress, and false imprisonment.

Hostile Work Environment

- A court has ruled that a woman may pursue her hostile work environment claim even though the gender-based slurs at the root of the case were not made exclusively to one gender. The appeals court overturned a lower court’s ruling that the comments made by the abuser were not pervasive enough and that they didn’t create a hostile environment because his abuse was indiscriminate.

Workplace Searches

- The employee of a federal correctional institution may pursue his lawsuit against the facility after he was fired for refusing to submit to a search of his vehicle. The question of whether inmates could access employees’ parked cars and potentially plant contraband cast doubt on the constitutionality of the search, said the court in its decision, available online.

Workplace Safety

- An employee who claimed that his erratic driving behavior was caused by a workplace toxin rather than alcohol cannot contest his DWI conviction. Read the decision in which the court noted that the law prohibits driving while impaired by any substance whether taken voluntarily or due to workplace exposure.

Crafting Crisis Communications

- How a company handles the media during a crisis can affect the organization's public image.

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Chris Falkenberg and Chris Voss--Corporate Kidnapping

- Christopher Falkenberg and Christopher Voss discuss the threat of an executive or employee kidnapping and why the Southwest could see an increase in such crimes.

Age Discrimination

- An employee who was not rehired after a layoff because he was “troublesome” may not sue his former employer for age discrimination. A federal appeals court ruled that the employee’s history of disputes with coworkers and his poor reputation in the workplace served as a nondiscriminatory reason for refusing to rehire him.


- An employee may not sue her employer for retaliation after the company failed to investigate her original discrimination claim, a federal appeals court has ruled. Failure to investigate in such instances does not constitute an adverse employment action, according to the court.

Forced Labor Threats

- Outsourcing by multinational companies can unwittingly lead to child labor and human rights abuses, harming the company’s reputation and bottom line.

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