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Building a Digital Forensic Laboratory: Establishing and Managing a Successful Facility

- Those looking to establish a digital forensics laboratory, should look elsewhere.

New Bugging Threats

- Surreptitious surveillance devices are cheap, plentiful, and easy to use, putting companies with valuable intellectual property at risk.

Elsewhere in the Courts: ADA

- A federal district court has ruled that an employee with a history of unpredictable low-blood sugar is not protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The court ruled that the employee’s condition, which could result in threatening and abusive behavior, posed a direct threat to the health and safety of other employees. (Onken v. McNeilus, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa, No. 08-CV-2003, 2009)

Elsewhere in the Courts: Sexual Discrimination

- The highest court in Massachusetts has affirmed $973,000 in compensatory damages and restored $1 million in punitive damages in a sexual discrimination case brought by a Wal-Mart pharmacist. The pharmacist, Cynthia Haddad, was fired after a coworker filed a false prescription while she was taking a break. In her case, Haddad provided evidence that the same coworker filed a false prescription during a male pharmacist’s break but that employee was not disciplined in any way. (Haddad v Wal-Mart, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, No. SJC-10261, 2009)

State Legislation: Minnesota: Background Screening

- A new Minnesota law (formerly H.B. 882) would protect employers in civil lawsuits where the plaintiff is seeking damages arising from the actions of employees. To be protected from liability, one of three conditions must exist, according to the law: The employee did not pose a greater risk in his employment than he would as a general member of the public; the criminal record of the employee had been sealed; the employee had been pardoned or the arrest or charge did not result in criminal conviction.


- The nonprofit CDC Foundation is holding a series of summits to teach meta-leadership methods developed at Harvard University. The goal is to train people to facilitate cross-jurisdictional cooperation to improve interagency communications in emergency management. Read a white paper on the concept of meta-leadership.

Tailored Training

- Security managers must set up a training plan for various types of employees and then establish a tracking system to ensure that the program is working as intended.

Will Mexican Law Impact Business

- In light of Mexico’s decriminalization of some narcotics, companies should review employee drug-use policies.

Leadership WIthout Borders

- Meta-leadership emerges as the next major management concept as agency leaders attempt to coordinate efforts across organizations and sectors.

Achieving Goals in the New Year

- How can security managers successfully achieve goals in the New Year?

False Sense of Confidence Pervades IT Business Continuity Planning, Survey Finds

- A new survey reports that IT decision makers in both the public and private sectors have a false sense of confidence when it comes to business continuity during a pandemic crisis.

Elsewhere in the Courts: Employment

- It was permissible for a company to fire an employee who was away from work under the Family Medical Leave Act because the company discovered that the employee had stolen company funds and tried to erase computer data to cover his crimes. Because the information discovered would have justified his termination in any case, the company could legally fire the employee during his leave. (Daugherty v. Wabash Center, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, No. 08-3104, 2009)

Elsewhere in the Courts: Discrimination

- An employer can be held liable for the hiring decisions of third parties. In a case before a federal appeals court, a company that hired an independent third party to make hiring decisions was liable when that third party told a prospective employee that he was “too old” for the job in question. (Halpert v. Manhattan Apartments, Inc., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, No. 07-4047-cv, 2009)

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