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Tailored Training

- Security managers must set up a training plan for various types of employees and then establish a tracking system to ensure that the program is working as intended.

Will Mexican Law Impact Business

- In light of Mexico’s decriminalization of some narcotics, companies should review employee drug-use policies.

Leadership WIthout Borders

- Meta-leadership emerges as the next major management concept as agency leaders attempt to coordinate efforts across organizations and sectors.

Achieving Goals in the New Year

- How can security managers successfully achieve goals in the New Year?

False Sense of Confidence Pervades IT Business Continuity Planning, Survey Finds

- A new survey reports that IT decision makers in both the public and private sectors have a false sense of confidence when it comes to business continuity during a pandemic crisis.

Elsewhere in the Courts: Employment

- It was permissible for a company to fire an employee who was away from work under the Family Medical Leave Act because the company discovered that the employee had stolen company funds and tried to erase computer data to cover his crimes. Because the information discovered would have justified his termination in any case, the company could legally fire the employee during his leave. (Daugherty v. Wabash Center, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, No. 08-3104, 2009)

Elsewhere in the Courts: Discrimination

- An employer can be held liable for the hiring decisions of third parties. In a case before a federal appeals court, a company that hired an independent third party to make hiring decisions was liable when that third party told a prospective employee that he was “too old” for the job in question. (Halpert v. Manhattan Apartments, Inc., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, No. 07-4047-cv, 2009)

Negligent Hiring

- A California fire department is not responsible for the sexual assault of a woman by firefighters aboard a fire truck, an appeals court has ruled. The city is not liable, in part, because the firefighters did not use their authority to lure the woman aboard the truck.

Vicarious Liability

- An employer is responsible for the death of a pedestrian killed by an employee who was returning from a conference, a California court has ruled. The conference constituted a “special errand” under state law making the employer liable for the action of the employee who was sent on that errand.

Building a Strong Staff

- A quality hiring and training program can help security managers build and retain a top-notch staff.

Survey: Most Companies' Employees Cannot Work Remotely During a Crisis

- The majority of employees at approximately three out of four organizations could not work remotely if they had to, according to a new survey.

Global Fraud Report Finds Effects of Recession Mixed

- A new report on global fraud examines trends by sector and by geographic region. Overall, the incidence of fraud year-over-year from the 2008 survey is about the same, but average loss per company has edged up from $8.2 million to $8.8 million. And that average masks larger differences among specific sectors.

Mid-Size Businesses Suffer More Cyberattacks As Security Budgets Tighten

- A recent survey shows that cybercriminals are increasingly attacking mid-sized businesses as firms freeze their IT security budgets in a tough economy, reports

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