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Workplace Violence

- Two recent cases reaffirm an employer’s right to terminate a potentially violent employee. In one case a psychologically disturbed doctor was fired after he threatened to kill his supervisor and coworkers. Another lawsuit involved a teacher who was fired after she declared that she could kill 22 people in front of a host of witnesses, including her 22 students.

From One Winning Career to the Next

- A good how-to-do manual for those security professionals looking to make the jump from government to the private sector.

EU Balks at Employee Monitoring

- Companies that operate internationally must be aware of the stringent workplace privacy laws in the EU countries.

Cultivating Creativity for Competitive Advantage

- The secret to getting fresh ideas from your employees.

Keys to Fraud Prevention

- Security can take the lead in spearheading a fraud-prevention program, which should have three components: governance, implementation, and compliance.

Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence: Legal and Strategic Guidelines

- An uneven collection of articles on preventing workplace violence that nevertheless offers worthwhile information on decreasing its likelihood.

The Criminal Records Manual—Criminal Records in America

- A first-rate manual for security professionals that have to conduct background searches.

Government Encourages Companies to Prepare for Flu Season

- The idea that workers should be encouraged to tough it out and come to work even if they don't feel well is so 20th century. In the new millennium, with its pandemic flu threat hanging in the air, the government hopes that workers who think they may be coming down with something will stay home so as not to infect their coworkers. And the government wants companies to encourage that attitude with flexible sick leave policies, among other efforts.

Don't Silo Crisis Solutions

- A veteran security professional of 25 years shows how businesses can smash the silos that hamper enterprise preparedness. (Extended Online Exclusive)

Stolen Contractor Laptop Compromises 131,000 Guardsmen's Identities

- A contractor for the National Guard whose laptop was stolen has compromised the personal data of 131,000 current and former guardsmen.


- An employee who was denied a promotion because of her family obligations can pursue a sex discrimination claim against her employer. In the case, a mother of four who had worked for the company for nine years and had positive performance reviews was told that she would not be given a promotion because she was likely “overwhelmed” at home.

Behind the Numbers

- What data would IT employees steal if fired?

You Earned It

- A look at the results of the 2009 ASIS International U.S. Security Salary Survey, which collects data for the current and preceding years from participants and analyzes compensation trends.

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