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- 88The percentage of IT administrators who say they would steal valuable company data if they were fired. Access management vendor Cyber-Ark conducted the poll.

The Import of Good Security

- A California company collaborated with its contract security team to develop an employee training program for C-TPAT compliance.

Taking the Call with Confidence

- To prepare for bomb threats, security must prepare checklists, train both security and nonsecurity personnel, and conduct exercises.

Report Targets Telecommuting

- A new study from Ernst & Young says companies need to secure telecommuters from particular risks, such as peer-to-peer sharing.

State Legislation: Iowa: Security Guards

- A new law (formerly H.B. 2421) recently enacted in Iowa will increase training requirements for security guards that work in commercial establishments that sell alcohol. The extra training will include anger-management techniques, recognition of false IDs, information on laws relating to alcohol consumption, and procedures for safe removal of patrons from the premises.

Changing Priorities

- Information security professionals will play a more strategic role in the future, according to a study from the London-based Information Security Forum. They’ll also spend more time predicting future threats and less time ensuring regulatory compliance.


- The Center for Democracy and Technology and Ernst & Young LLP surveyed 60 organizations about the risk of telecommuting and found that most companies acknowledge the risk but sideline addressing it for more pressing matters.

Employee Privacy

- One in three IT professionals have used administrative passwords to snoop on company and employee data, according to security vendor Cyber Ark. Improperly viewed information includes salary details, personal e-mails, and company board minutes.

Introduction to Business and Industrial Security and Loss Control

- An updated and excellent version of Siljander's original 1991 textbook.

Investigating the Insider

- Companies that investigate their own employees must be cognizant of the legal issues. They need to know both how to conduct a fair investigation and how to protect their interests via attorney-client privilege.

Employees Routinely Risk Data Leaks Through Negligent Behaviors, Study Says

- In a survey commissioned by Cisco, just over one-half of respondents said they altered company security settings even though it was against company policy.

Detailing Contractor Obligations

- Companies can ensure a good ongoing contractor relationship by spelling out performance expectations up front in the contract.

Workplace Strategies for Pandemic Preparedness

- This video, along with its materials, acts as a starter kit for creating a pandemic preparedness plan at work.

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