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- A state supreme court has ruled that an employee may pursue her invasion of privacy claim against her employer after she discovered a video camera in the company bathroom. The employer, who had placed the camera there in an attempt to document wrongdoing, argued that there was no invasion of privacy because the camera was not working.

Create an Anti-Fraud Corps

- Drum fraud out of your ranks with a top-notch anti-fraud corps to spearhead investigations.

Suicidal Mass Murderers: A Criminological Study of Why They Kill

- The authors first note that preventing workplace and school-based violence starts with the understanding that no one can predict violence; rather, the goal is to assess dangerousness based on observations and reports of a person’s behavior.

Social Media and the Workplace

- Courts are struggling to apply decades-old privacy and electronic security laws to employment issues arising in the digital arena. The newest challenges involve social media and what companies can do.

Workplace Violence

- A California court has ruled that a company can rely on hearsay evidence in pursuing a restraining order against a potentially violent visitor.

Warning of Workplace Violence

- One company devised a customized workplace-violence prevention program that includes security emergency pull stations, voice verification, and employee training.

Legal Report

- Courts consider cases on workplace violence, employment issues, excessive force, and privacy.

Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand, or Business Against Online Attacks

- The book familiarizes readers with terms such as “silent slashes,” “evil clones,” and “jihad by proxy” as the authors describe the “seven swords of digital assassination” that damage entities’ reputations.

Companies Can Use Social Media to Predict Potential Threats

- Data pulled from open sources, like forums and social media profiles can go a long way to protecting a company’s personnel and assets.

Psychologist: Mental First Aid Should Be Incorporated Into Resilience Plans

- After a traumatic event, psychological first aid can help a company and its employees get back on track.

Morning Security Brief: Air Marshal Discrimination, Immigration Reform, Super Bowl Security, and More

- Investigation concludes a hostile work environment doesn't exist at the Federal Air Marshal Service, even though air marshals believe it does. DHS urges the passage of the DREAM Act to help with immigration problems. Security at the Super Bowl. And more.


- A subcontractor is responsible for the actions of an employee who accidentally ran over another worker on a job site. An appeals court found that the employee furthered the overall progress of the project and “the resulting risk of injury was inherent to the enterprise.”


- A government employee may proceed with her invasion of privacy claim against her employer. The employee was filmed during a shower, and the images were posted on the computer network, available to all employees in the workplace.

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