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State Perspective - West Virginia

- An interview with James W. Spears, secretary of the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety since 2005.

Railroads Find Common Contractor Screening Solution

- An industry-driven program called e-RAILSAFE vets and credentials contract workers for railroad companies.

Cargo Security Deadline in Doubt

- The aviation industry might miss the 2010 mark for screening all air cargo, despite already meeting preliminary deadlines.

Public Education

- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's admninistration has launched a new lauched public education campaign for emergency preparedness, with local sports and music celebrities lending their names to the effort.

State Perspective - Louisiana

- An interview with Mark Cooper, director of the Louisiana's Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Are You Prepared for All Hazards?

- Companies and governments should take an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness and response based on comprehensive risk assessments.

Problems with Pandemic Monitoring

- Fearing that the West will take bird flu data but withhold resulting vaccines, Indonesia is holding on to its monitoring results.

Communicating to Save Lives

- Nearly eight years after 9-11, the goal of 100 percent communications interoperability for first responders remains elusive, but numerous workaround solutions are proving effective for responders in the field.

State Perspective - Colorado

- Interview with Maj. Gen. Mason C. Whitney, director of the Colorado Governor's Office of Homeland Security


- 128 Number of DHS Safety Act certifications issued from 2004 through February to limit security vendors’ liability.

Slow Going in Utility Cybersecurity

- Cybersecurity vulnerabilities among ulitities has called into question the speed and effectiveness of information sharing between government and industry.

Private Plane Regulation Opposed

- Industry leaders criticize as costly and ineffective a proposed rule that would increase security on private aircraft.

Utility Cybersecurity

- Power operators share information regarding cyberthreats affecting their systems too slowly, a congressional inquiry discovered.

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