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- 128 Number of DHS Safety Act certifications issued from 2004 through February to limit security vendors’ liability.

Slow Going in Utility Cybersecurity

- Cybersecurity vulnerabilities among ulitities has called into question the speed and effectiveness of information sharing between government and industry.

Private Plane Regulation Opposed

- Industry leaders criticize as costly and ineffective a proposed rule that would increase security on private aircraft.

Utility Cybersecurity

- Power operators share information regarding cyberthreats affecting their systems too slowly, a congressional inquiry discovered.

State Perspective - Wyoming

- An interview with Joe Moore, the director of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security.

Technology Offers Security and Speed at the Border

- The Department of Homeland Security vows to meet the June deadline for implementing the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, meaning U.S. citizens reentering the country will need a passport or a "trusted traveler" document.

Tracking Wireless Devices

- New technology adapted from methods used to pinpoint 911 callers could help thwart terrorists.

Is Hazmat Safety on Track?

- Two new rules impose requirements for tracking and securing hazardous materials during rail transport. Will they really reduce risks?

State Perspective - Alabama

- An interview with James M. Walker, Jr., head of the Alabama Department of Homeland Security.

Standards for Explosives Defense

- The Department of Homeland Security is drafting the first set of standards for explosives detection and response systems and training programs.

Building Biothreat Defenses

- An assessment of how well prepared the United States is to detect and respond to a man-made or natural biological threat. Box: Bio-info Fusion

State Perspective - Connecticut

-  Interview with James M. Thomas,  the first commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS), serving since the agency’s establishment on January 1, 2005. 

FEMA's Lingering Trailer Problem

-  Despite FEMA's stellar performance during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008, one lingering black eye remains from Hurricane Katrina: its fleet of contaminated travel trailers. 

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