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Outlook for Container Scanning

- The government is unlikely to meet the 2012 deadline for scanning cargo containers headed for the United States, but the law allows for two-year extensions.

Port Financing Shows Potential

- The Port of Houston is adapting the idea of a business district as a way to find matching funds for homeland security port grants. It offers a possible model for other localities in search of funding solutions.

Counter-IED Programs

- DHS has asked that states allocate a portion of the year's homeland security grants for counter-IED efforts, although some are stretched thin handling the more imminent threat of natural disasters.

State Perspective - Florida

- An interview with W. Craig Fugate, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Software Randomizes Airport Patrols

- A new software program may help airport patrols become truly random to counter criminal and terrorist surveillance.

Food Sector Abandons Its ISAC

- The food sector group charged with sharing intelligence has disbanded, and the federal government is pushing its own food-sector information-sharing Web portal.

New Views on Airport Screening

- From dual-view to magnetic resonance imaging, numerous evolving technologies are being adapted to security needs for better screening of bags and travelers.

How Vulnerable Are We?

- A look at efforts to develop and conduct risk assessments for critical infrastructure in the United States.

State Perspective - Maine

- Interview with Robert P. McAleer, director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency.


- 72 Percentage of state and local intelligence fusion centers experiencing difficulty accessing federal data, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Hard Questions in Emergency Critical Care

- The federal government and the medical profession face a thorny question: who would and would not receive emergency treatment during a pandemic or large-scale emergency?

Fusion Centers and Civil Rights

- A legal battle over public access to data collected by fusion centers could affect the government's information-gathering methods.

Pandemic Flu

- The ACLU slams the federal government for pursuing a "law enforcement and national security" approach to the threat of pandemic influenza, rather than a public health approach.

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