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New Views on Airport Screening

- From dual-view to magnetic resonance imaging, numerous evolving technologies are being adapted to security needs for better screening of bags and travelers.

How Vulnerable Are We?

- A look at efforts to develop and conduct risk assessments for critical infrastructure in the United States.

State Perspective - Maine

- Interview with Robert P. McAleer, director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency.


- 72 Percentage of state and local intelligence fusion centers experiencing difficulty accessing federal data, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Hard Questions in Emergency Critical Care

- The federal government and the medical profession face a thorny question: who would and would not receive emergency treatment during a pandemic or large-scale emergency?

Fusion Centers and Civil Rights

- A legal battle over public access to data collected by fusion centers could affect the government's information-gathering methods.

Pandemic Flu

- The ACLU slams the federal government for pursuing a "law enforcement and national security" approach to the threat of pandemic influenza, rather than a public health approach.

Questioning Aid

- The Government Accountability Office criticizes how funds for the State Department's Antiterrorism Assistance program are used.

State Perspective - Idaho

- Interview with Col. William Shawver, director of the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security: Lost in Space?

- The Department of Homeland Security will likely face opposition in the courts if it goes ahead with its plans to redirect its spy satellites on domestic targets, says the Congressional Research Service.

Intelligence Sharing Improves

- A new team of analysts sifts through national security intelligence to find items relevant to state and local officials.

Information Sharing

- The Interagency Threat Assessment Coordination Group (ITACG) is up and runnning at the National Counterterrorism Center, distilling international- and national-level intelligence for use by state and local agencies, administrators recently told lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Port Public-Private Partnerships

- Officials in Harris County, Texas, home to the Port of Houston, are pursuing a novel approach to fund port-wide security, specifically the local matching funds required by federal Port Security Grant Program awards. The Texas legislature has authorized establishment of a self-governed management district that could levy supplemental property taxes, solely for funding matching requirements.

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