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Protecting Malls from a Terrorist Threat

- Shopping malls have always been vulnerable to traditional crimes due to the lack of controls at entrances. The shooting of two people at an upstate New York shopping center earlier this year, though not a terrorist incident, again raised questions about whether mall security could respond adequately to a terrorist attack or suicide bomber.

Procurement Problems at DHS

- Critics say that proposed restructuring does not address contracting issues.

Mail Handling Reviewed

- Mail handling procedures at the U.S. Postal Service need improvement, according to an analysis of the Postal Service’s handling of the October 2003 incident in which an envelope marked “Caution: Ricin Poison” was discovered in an airmail facility. @  Read the full report via SM Online.

No Lights, No Camera, Just Action

- Emergency response and disaster management plans shouldn't be filed away until the day they are needed, but tested regularly to identify weaknesses and improve plans. Learn the eight major areas that must be tested and how to stage an exercise.

Hospitals Join EOC Teams

- Florida, which has a lot of experience with hurricanes, has found a way to improve the coordination of healthcare services in such events.

Too Much Focus on Terrorism?

- A recent GAO report that predated Katrina is nonetheless right on point in looking at the dangers of a federal response effort that focuses too heavily on terrorism.

Information Sharing Through Fusion Centers

- When Massachusetts opened its Fusion Center in October 2004, it became the seventh state to set up this type of information-sharing facility, intended to improve cooperation among federal, state and local agency personnel in the state. Major Robert Smith, deputy commander in the Massachusetts State Police, talked with Security Management about information sharing. Following are highlights from the conversation. (His remarks have been paraphrased to accommodate the magazine’s space limitations.)

Training in Israel for Terrorism in the U.S.

- When it comes to defending against suicide bombers and other terrorist tactics, the United States has much to learn from other countries that have developed effective measures through years of painful experience. With that in mind, a group of private security professionals and state and local law enforcement officials recently traveled to Israel and took part in an intensive seven-day training program hosted by Security Solutions International (SSI), a security training company located in Miami, Florida.

Animal ID Fights Agroterrorism

- A private-sector database could serve as a repository for a U.S. Animal ID system.

Worldwide Terrorism by Tactic

- Quarterly Target, Region, and Tactic data on terrorist incidents from the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base

State Perspective - Pennsylvania

- Interview with James F. Powers, Pennsylvania’s director of Homeland Security

Fusion Centers Should Work with ISACs

- A lack of appreciation has led state intelligence fusion centers to ignore private sector owner-operators of critical infrastructure.

Odd Carry-ons or Probing Attack?

- Experts differ on whether suspicious carry-ons were a terrorist trial run, but they are encouraged that scanners caught the objects.

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