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Diagnosing a Problem

- Doctors fared poorly in identifying hghly contagious and deadly illnesses.

The New "Need to Know"

- The intelligence community is slowly learning the value of sharing the data it gathers, but barriers to good information flow remain.

What’s Wrong with the War on Terrorism?

- Brian Michael Jenkins is one of the world’s leading authorities on international terrorism, currently serving as senior advisor to the president of the think tank RAND Corp.  He recently published Unconquerable Nation: Knowing our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves, and Security Management. Assistant Editor Joseph Straw talked with him about the book, terrorism generally, and private security’s role.

Worldwide Terrorism by Target

- Quarterly target, region, and tactic data on terrorist incidents from MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base.

State Perspective – Kansas

- An interview with Maj. General Tod M. Bunting.

Talk Trumps Tech in Silicon Valley

- It stands to reason that California’s Silicon Valley would lead the country in establishing a network of interoperable communications for first responders. And it does—but not for the technological reasons you might think.

The Long Road to Secure Infrastructure

- New government plans to protect critical infrastructure lack substance despite a decade-long effort by federal officials and private-sector partners.


- 23 Number of states that provide information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on persons disqualified from possessing firearms under federal law for mental health reasons.

Homeland Security

- To find out what's at risk in Illinois, read the full interview with William C. 'Bill' Burke, director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

State Perspective – Tennessee

- A talk with Tennessee's top homeland security official.

Shining Light on Nuclear Nightmare

- The medical response demands of a nuclear attack.

Interoperability Standards Stalled?

- Stalled standards for interoperable communications.

State Perspective – Illinois

- William C. “Bill” Burke has served as director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency since 2003, coordinating incident response while building terrorism preparedness alongside Illinois Homeland Security and the state’s Terrorism Task Force.

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