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- A benchmarking study and white paper from the CSO Roundtable of ASIS International assesses acceptance of enterprise security risk management principles and practices (.pdf), including a holistic view of risk as a source of opportunity for organizations.

Urban Area Perspective - Atlanta

- Security Management interviews Tony Carper, director of the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency.

Bouncing Back After a Disruption

- Critical infrastructure—which includes everything from bridges to banks—can't always be protected, so it must also be resilient, meaning that it must be able to recover quickly after a natural or man-made event.

Partnering for a Healthy Response

- Healthcare facilities in regions around the country are forming regional coalitions to better prepare for emergencies.

Urban Area Perspective - New Orleans

- Security Management interviews Lt. Col. Jerry Sneed, USMC (Ret.).


- 13 The number of U.S. criminal cases in 2009 where charges were tied to jihadist terrorists, according to the RAND Corporation.

Web 2.0 Helps in Disaster

- In the devastation left by the recent earthquake in Haiti, a Web-based crisis-mapping program helped rescuers locate those in danger.

Urban Area Perspective - Los Angeles

- Security Management interviews Sheriff Lee Baca, chief of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Forging Public-Private Relationships

- A regional disaster plan that encompasses Seattle, Washington, can serve as an example to other localities.

From Response to Recovery

- A new draft framework for disaster management focuses on the recovery plans of federal agencies, including the role of the private sector.

NYPD Radicalization Report

- An influential report by the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division charts common factors and stages in the path to radical Islam and terrorist violence.

Urban Area Perspective - Denver

- Security Management interviews Daniel T. Alexander, director of the City and County of Denver's Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Yet Another Cyber "Wake-up Call"

- A groundbreaking study reveals that cyberattacks are becoming more severe, and security managers, while concerned, lack the tools to combat the threat.

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