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Urban Area Perspective - Hampton Roads

- Security Management interviews Rich Flannery, emergency management administrator at Virginia's Hampton Roads Planning District Commission.

The Skinny on CFATS

- Find out what high-risk chemical facilities need to know about DHS’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program.

Leadership WIthout Borders

- Meta-leadership emerges as the next major management concept as agency leaders attempt to coordinate efforts across organizations and sectors.

U.S.-European Union Information Sharing

- The United States are working toward a broad information-sharing agreement that addresses the question of redress, specifically whether all persons, not just legal U.S. residents, would be able obtain data about them held in government databases and correct errors. The two sides have issued a series of statements highlighting the two sides' common ground: May 2008: US-EU High Level Contact Group Report December 2008: US-EU Statement on Common Data Privacy and Protection Principles October 2009: US-EU Joint Statement

Urban Area Perspective - Baltimore

- Security Management interviews Robert Maloney, director of the Baltimore Mayor's Office of Emergency Management.

Transatlantic Privacy Concerns

- While the United States has signed information-sharing agreements with many allies, privacy concerns have slowed negotiations with the European Union.

Urban Area Perspective – Houston

- An interview with Dennis Storemski, the director of the Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security for the City of Houston.

Should DHS Quantify Collaboration?

- Congress' watchdog recommends that FEMA establish a system of metrics to assess the quality of collaboration within the Department of Homeland Security's Urban Area Security Initiative.

Listening Through Walls

- Consumer telecommunications technology could help government agencies improve the interoperability of their emergency communications systems.

Protecting the Nation From a Distance

- U.S. Customs and Border Protection is doing everything it can to screen cargo and passengers before they ever arrive on American shores. (Online Exclusive)

Federal Perspective - TSA

- An interview with Lee R. Kair, assistant administrator for security operations at the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. 

Scanning Crowds for Bombs

- A new screening technology developed by students at the University of Michigan aims to detect suicide bombers in security lines.

Passenger Screening Progress?

- A government plan could prevent innocent travelers from being targeted as terrorists, but experts warn that security risks remain.

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