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Fire Curtains

- Smoke and fire curtains from Colt of Havant, United Kingdom, are now available in North America from The Bilco Company of New Haven, Connecticut. The curtains create a physical barrier that prevents the movement of smoke and heat in the event of a fire. They contain and channel the smoke and heat to a predetermined area, allowing occupants to escape a building through smoke-free areas and aiding fire-containment efforts. Property damage is minimized because smoke is restricted to the immediate area of the fire and unable to spread. Colt ventilation systems can remove smoke from the building by powered or natural means. Smoke curtains are available in fixed and automatic designs. Fixed curtains feature a fabric that is held and clamped by angle pieces. Automatic smoke curtains are equipped with an electric motor that unrolls the fabric automatically upon a signal from a fire detection system.

Fire And Intrusion Systems

- The Napco Commercial Platform from Napco Security Technol­ogies, Inc., of Amityville, New York, supports UL commercial wireless, addressable, and conventional devices with up to 255 fire and/or intrusion points.


- The Simplex TrueAlert ES is a new family of intelligent notification appliances designed for better protection, ease of use, and economical operation from Sim­plex­Grinnell of Westminster, Massachusetts.


- Mumbai-based Apollo Fire Detectors Limited has introduced a collection of EN54-11:2001 compliant manual call points.


- Honeywell of Melville, New York, has introduced commercial-grade fire control panels with additional functionality and the ability to easily integrate with access control and leading third-party systems.

Red Hawk Fire and Security



- Explosion-safe AR-070 and AR-078 LED Stacklight Towers from PAT­LITE (U.S.A.) Corporation of Torrance, California, provide user-adjustable audible alarms and visual status indications in continuous, flashing, or alarm modes.


- Fire Fighting Enterprises of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, offers smoke detectors that use optical beams to detect smoke in large areas.


- SimplexGrinnell of Westminster, Massachusetts, has launched a new Web store at

Fire Detection

- A new very-early-warning fire detector from System Sensor of St. Charles, Illinois, protects personnel and assets from fire by detecting the faintest traces of smoke in challenging environments.

Gas and Flame Detection

- NOTIFIER of Northford, Connecticut, has introduced three new lines of gas and flame detection products for use with its fire alarm and life safety systems.

Voice Evacuation

- A new 125-watt amplifier from Silent Knight of Northford, Connecticut, is designed to simplify fire alarm voice evacuation system design.

Video Smoke Detection

- Gamewell-FCI of Northford, Connecticut, now offers video smoke detection (VSD), which detects smoke in large areas and challenging environments affected by airflow, stratification, and background movement.

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