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Badging System

- IDenticard of Lititz, Pennsylvania, has released a new, enhanced version of its ExpressionsID identification and badging software solution. In addition to the security features built in for safeguarding the ID badges and the software, users can take advantage of cardholder filtering, cardholder reporting, data import functionality, and active directory linking.

Security System Tag

- The new SafeWatch SafePass from ADT Security Services of Boca Raton, Florida, eliminates the need to use a pass code each time a user interacts with the ADT home security system.

ID Card Protection

- Datacard Group of Minnetonka, Minnesota, has introduced the basic topcoat module for the company’s MX6000 and MX2000 card issuance systems. The module applies a layer of clear or holographic topcoat over the entire surface of the card.

Loyalty Card Printer

- Gåva Systems of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Miami-based Evolis have launched a partnership to produce an ID card printer with integrated gift and loyalty card software built in.

Card Readers

- Nedap Security Management of Groenlo, The Netherlands, has introduced a new reader in the Convexs reader series for Mifare DESFire credentials. The MD80 can also read Mifare Classic credentials, making it suitable for customers who want to migrate to the DESFire format.

Durable ID

- IDenticard of Lititz, Pennsylvania, has developed technology that combines the security and durability of a laminated ID card with the one-button convenience of PVC printing. OmniLife ID cards are far less likely to crack, chip, warp, or fade because they are laminated.

Card Printer

- The Nisca PR-C101 card printer features a lightweight construction and small footprint. New from Team Nisca of Somerset, New Jersey, the printer fits in small workspaces and can be easily stored on a shelf or under a counter when not in use.

School Safety

- AAID Security Solutions of Peachtree City, Georgia, has introduced long-range RFID campus safety emergency evacuation and mustering solutions for schools. Ultra-long-range hands-free RFID readers allow school officials and first responders to know what students, staff, and visitors were in the building at the time of the emergency, where they are, who has left, and who is still inside.

Card Security

- KSW Microtec AG of Dresden, Germany, has developed a new UHF polycarbonate inlay for security-critical applications in ID cards. The inlay tag is suited for production of border-crossing cards, driver’s licenses, and national ID cards.

ID Card System

- HID Global of Irvine, California, has introduced the Fargo HDP5000 card identity system, which includes the hardware, software, and all materials needed to create secure ID cards. The Fargo HDP5000 printer/encoder uses retransfer technology for high-definition printing.

Badge Accessories

- A new line of ID accessories is available from HID Global of Irvine, California. It includes a wide selection of lanyards, retractable reels, badge holders, and strap clips.

RFID Card Printing

- Digital Identification Solutions LLC of Greer, South Carolina, is teaming with SPECSid, ThingMagic, and Vanguard ID Systems to enable customers to print and encode GEN2 RFID cards on demand and in less than one minute using desktop ID card printers.

ID Card Production

- Designing a multiapplication card and administering authorization rights are simplified with the new LEGIC studio PC software tool from LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. of Zurich, Switzerland. Contactless smart card projects can be carried out quickly in fewer steps and without expert knowledge.

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