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Network Illuminators

- VARIO network illuminators from Raytec Global of Ashington, United Kingdom, now include power over Ethernet (PoE) capability and four new model sizes in both infrared and white light. PoE capability allows for quicker, more cost-effective lighting installations, because the lights can be integrated onto an existing network without special electrical connections. Users have full control over lighting, so they can respond to live events in real time, triggering lighting to deter crime or altering settings for best CCTV images and safety. The illuminators can be controlled individually or in groups and triggered on demand via other network devices, such as cameras and motion detectors. They can also be activated on a timer to save power.

Security Management

- Diebold, Incorporated, of Canton, Ohio, has introduced a new development zone portal to enable partners and end users to leverage its SecureStat solution.


- The LTV Digital Signature Suite from REALSEC of Madrid, Spain, provides an easy-to-use, secure solution to digitally sign documents in real time, digitally stamp them with date and time, and certify the entire process.


- of Lockbourne, Ohio, has released a new RS-232 connector with selectable power output for use in point-of-sale and surveillance installations.


- BlueRISC of Amherst, Massachusetts, has introduced the CaptureGUARD ExpressCard memory acquisition hardware, which is part of its WindowsSCOPE memory forensics and cybersecurity analysis product family.

Cell Phone Encryption

- The Cellcrypt Enterprise Gateway enables users to securely call office desk phones from a cell phone. New from London-based Cellcrypt, the system is designed for use by senior executives traveling to hostile countries where phone interception is widespread.

Wireless Security

- Boston-based Fluid­mesh Networks, Inc., has introduced two new products to support its wireless systems for security applications.

Secure Data Storage

- Amsterdam-based Gemalto has earned FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification for its Smart Guardian FIPS encrypted USB drive with personal identity verification (PIV) integrated authentication ability.

Data Backup

- SafeData, LLC, of Warwick, Rhode Island, has announced its new backup and recovery appliance for both the IBM System i and Windows environments.

E-mail Security

- GFI Software of Cary, North Carolina, has announced that its GFI MailEssentials anti-spam and anti-phishing product is now available in Spanish and Italian.


- Spotted Dingo of Westchester County, New York, has released a new desktop application that allows users to encrypt multiple electronic files using the DES (64-bit), RC2 (128-bit), or Triple DES (192-bit) encryption algorithm into one manageable file.

Health Data Security

- Perimeter eSecurity of Milford, Connecticut, has launched its protected health information offering, ePHISecurity. Entities covered under HIPAA now have access to an end-to-end security infrastructure with more than 50 preintegrated security services that are delivered over the company’s network infrastructure.

Video Storage

- Xtralis Pty. Ltd. of Norwell, Massachusetts, has enhanced its FastTrace Multi-Site Video Security System by doubling the hard-drive storage capacity on major models. Now users can store twice as much video information for the same period of time, or the same amount of data for twice as long.

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