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Video Storage

- The new Video Recording Manager (VRM) from Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, provides centralized management and monitoring of video servers, cameras, and storage units within an IP-based video network.

Video/POS Management

- Panasonic System Solutions Company of Secaucus, New Jersey, has created an integrated solution that combines control and management capabilities of the video surveillance and point-of-sale (POS) systems onto a single seamless platform.

Campus Security

- The CBORD Group, Inc., of Ithaca, New York, and Israel’s NICE Systems have integrated their products to provide enhanced security solutions for campuses. NiceVision digital video surveillance technology integrated with CBORD’s CS Access IP-based access control technology provides real-time intelligent video analysis, enabling security personnel to track and configure access at any time.

Integrated Security

- Lenel Systems International of Pittsford, New York, offers a program to assist software application developers and hardware device manufacturers establish interfaces with its OnGuard solution.

Personnel Tracking

- GuardTrax, developed by NovaTracker of Cranford, New Jersey, is a suite of technologies that allows users to monitor, track, and manage security personnel in real time over the Internet. The GuardTrax SFL uses a sensitive GPS antenna combined with GSM wireless communication to move critical location and activity data to a server platform.

Building Management

- The Building Integration System from Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, New York, contains a wide range of applications and features to enable the integration, monitoring, and control of all building systems, including fire and intrusion panels, video systems, access control, public address systems, and building automation devices.

Wall Racks

- Middle Atlantic Products of Fairfield, New Jersey designed its TOR Series tilt-out wall racks as a low-profile mounting solution for security applications. The racks enable vertical mounting of components and allow for surface mounting or flush mounting between studs.


- SmartPlus from Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, is a new IT and security convergence platform designed to manage and authenticate user credentials within a single solution. The modular solution is designed to expand as security needs grow.

Health Communications

- Telergy software from GE Security, Inc., of Bradenton, Florida, is a powerful suite of applications that connects hospital caregivers with patients and each other in real time. The software works with Telligence, the company’s voice-over-Internet-protocol platform and ProCare 6000, its healthcare communication system.

Power Controllers

- Altronix of Brooklyn, New York, has introduced a cost-efficient solution for power management. Maxim 55 Access Power Controllers are designed to distribute, route, and switch power for access control hardware and accessories.

Video Management

- Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, has launched a new video management platform that provides a single interface to connect access control events to relevant video. The platform bridges the gap between disparate access control and video surveillance functions to help security professionals manage multiple sources of access control and video. In addition, the platform’s scalable, open architecture offers centralized command and control capabilities to allow management of third-party video components. The Pro-Watch Security Management System is available in three editions. Enterprise manages an enterprisewide security system; Corporate is designed for applications with at least two users and 96 doors; and Professional provides a solution for applications with one to five users and up to 64 entrances.

Outdoor Cable

- Berk-Tek of New Holland, Pennsylvania, has released its newest Category 6 cable for outdoor installations. The LANmark-6 OSP cable includes a water-blocking gel compound within the core that encases the four UTP copper pairs contained in a rugged black polyolefin jacket with an outside diameter of 1/4 inch.

Weatherproof Power

- Designed to power video equipment and other security accessories, weatherproof power supplies from Honeywell Power Products of Northford, Connecticut, are easily installed near outdoor camera housings, along fences, and at powered gates.

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