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Hackers in High Demand

- A study explores the shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. labor market.

Service Denied

- Distributed denial of service attacks continue to grow in both size and scope.

Mobilizing Care

- A Web-based application allows an assistance network for developmentally disabled adults to replace the manual paperwork process.

Chief Compliance Officer's Responsibility for Cybersecurity

- Who is responsible for data privacy laws and cybersecurity?

In Plain Sight

- Uses of the dark web are vast, and privacy advocates and law enforcement are struggling over how to maintain its use for legitimate activity.

Data Breach Jigsaw

- Varying state data breach notification laws make it difficult for companies to navigate the legal landscape in the event of a security incident.

A Healthy Solution

- How one network of healthcare providers in Pennsylvania is securing its e-mail.

Windows XP Goes Dark

- Microsoft abandons patches for Windows XP, and a healthcare group protects against dangerous e-mail.

Cyber Experts Talk Trends

- Cybersecurity experts point out that personal information is a profitable commodity for criminals, and it professionals need to protect their networks throughout the entire supply chain.

Advance Persistent Threat Families Detected

- Countries with higher number of APT families have a higher number and variety of adversaries.

One Campus, Many Devices

- Mobile device enrollment solutions make it easier to authenticate thousands of users onto a wireless network.

Behind the Numbers

- Most and least effective security controls in healthcare

Target Breach Offers Protection Lessons

- Secure payment systems used in Europe and Canada are set to become the U.S. norm.

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