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- 60 The percentage of enterprises that do not believe their existing security controls can adequately protect sensitive information on company databases. The survey, by Enterprise Strategy Group, polled 175 organizations with 1,000 or more employees.

Worth a Look: StrongWebmail

- Anyone seeking better e-mail security may want to check out a service called StrongWebmail.

Watch Your Business Partners

- Verizon’s annual data breach report warns that companies have one more weak link to worry about when protecting their information.

A Site to See: xB Browser

- This free open-source application combines Firefox with Tor to allow more anonymous browsing. 

Behind the Numbers

- Ernst & Young catalogues data security technologies employed by organizations.


- 50 The percentage of organizations planning to increase spending on information security risk management in 2010. More companies plan to boost spending in this area of information security than in any other, according to an Ernst & Young survey. 

A Site to See: xB Browser

- This month's Site to See helps people browse the Web anonymously.

Reining in Web 2.0

- More and more companies allow employees to use Web 2.0 tools like social networking, but the practice carries myriad risks.

New Bugging Threats

- Surreptitious surveillance devices are cheap, plentiful, and easy to use, putting companies with valuable intellectual property at risk.


- Outsourcing IT jobs abroad increases network security risks, according to IT managers surveyed by Amplitude Research.  

Behind the Numbers

- Forrester Research asks what's important in corporate IT security.

Site to See: Better Privacy

- Mozilla Firefox's Better Privacy lets users delete Flash-based cookies.

Outsourcing Risk

- Sending IT jobs abroad can help cut costs. But it can also increase security risks, according to a recent survey of 350 IT managers.

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